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first time cycle

  1. S

    First time cycle, counsel on SARMS, and PCT

    Greetings. I have decided to try my first cycle of SARMS and appreciate everyone's feedback and advice as I am definitely considered a "newbie." Sex: Male Age : 40 Height: 6' Weight: 168 lbs BF%: ~16% Training: Consistent weight workouts five days a week for almost 5 years, currently no cardio...
  2. S

    FIRST TIME using anything. Sarms cycle

    32 yo here. On and off training for the last 10 years. 5'11 Ectomorph. Biggest I've been was 170, I usually hover around 140 if I'm not working out. Right now about 160 9% BF Was thinking for my first time I would use SARMS on a 12 week cycle. Ostarine 25mgs/day for 8 weeks then reduce down to...
  3. G

    First time taking testosterone - Need advice

    Hello. I am 35years old and have only 66kg's for last 10years. I train a lot (calisthenics) but I can't gain any weight. I decided I will use sustblood 300. The bodybuilder who sold me this test, told me that this is all I need. No other supplements. He told me to take 750mg per week for 10...
  4. RUCingdsgainz

    Approaching end of cycle need PCT advice First timer

    Height 5"11 Weight 190 Age 28 Cycle will/has consisist of test prop and tren Ace for the first three weeks then switched to test and tren enthate. I'm only gonna run the tren for a total of 10 weeks the test I will run for a a total of 12 weeks and for the last 4 weeks I'm running TBOL. I have...
  5. M

    Need desperate help for my first Steroid Cycle

    Hi, Im 35years, 5.8 tall, weight 162 lbs. I've been working out seriously since last year, was around 190lbs when i started. So I studied the internet and decided to give intermittent fasting a try. Through which i dropped from 190 to 162, which was great but now since last few months i feel i...
  6. mlreynol9

    Newbie! First cycle!

    Hey everyone, first time here. I am competing in my first bodybuilding competition in July of this year, and I want to look my very best! I have been training extremely hard for the past 14 months, without gear. I want to run a cycle, but nothing too crazy, something very mild. I heard...
  7. V

    First time cycle help.

    Hello all! My name is Steve and I am currently running my first cycle but definitely need some help! I will do my best to keep it short and too the point while giving adequate detail! Here are my stats: Age: 29 Height: 5'10 Weight: 193 Body fat %: ?? (12%+) Years of training: 2-3 Complete...