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Hi guys,

Just wanted to post my upcoming cycle to see if there's anything I've missed or any recommendations.

For reference my first cycle was 250mg test cyp per week for 3 months.

My second cycle was 400 test cyp, 800 eq per week for 4 months with a tbol kick start and anavar finisher.

My 3rd cycle was 400 test cyp, 400 deca per week for 3 months with dbol kick start and Winstrol finisher.

And my 4th cycle was 350 test cyp, 350 npp per week with superdrol finisher (never touching superdrol again. As soon as I jumped from 10mg to 20mg on the second week my liver was feeling some pain and I knew it wasnt for me)

I've now been on trt for for almost a year at 200mg test cyp dosed at 100mg every 3.5 days and take 6.25mg aromasin every 3.5 days and all my bloods/values are great especially my liver.

I'm planning to finally dip my toe intro tren and I'm trying to do as low dose/short a cycle as possible to see how I handle it and main goal is to cut.

5th Cycle Plan:

Continuous trt: 200mg test cyp per week dosed at 100mg e3.5d

Weeks 1-6 (or 1-10 if handled well): 175mg tren ace per week dosed at 25mg ed

Weeks 1-6/or 1-10: 6.25mg aromasin ed

Weeks 1-6/or 1-10: 0.25mg caber e3.5d

Weeks 1-6/or 1-10: cardarine 20mg ed

Plan is to keep salt low, water high and these are the supporting supplements I'm looking to take: coq10, Hawthorne Berry, nac, fish oil, milk thistle, cranberry extract/uva ursi extract, l-citrulline

I have read conflicting information on tudca and if it actually helps while on cycle or if it's better to recover liver damage post cycle and am not sure if it's even needed at this dose of tren considering I'm not planning to throw in any orals.

Also unsure if caber is really needed at this dose of tren but thought I'd take it as better safe than sorry and also not sure if this much aromasin is needed at this dose of tren but again thought better safe than sorry (I know I should get bloods and adjust accordingly but if I'm way off feel free to chime in) and if you think p5p would be more than sufficient with this dose of tren as opposed to caber that's something I'd like to know as well.

Age: 33
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 100kg
BF%: 10%
Good choice with Tren A to start and shouldnt have that much sides with it. If that works well, maybe you want to try enanthate later.
I have had good results with low dose Tren evan at 100mg a week
I like the conservative dosing approach and it is clear you have done plenty of research and I feel you will do quite well with everything!
tudca is a great choice on cycle man. it will enhance everything. use n2guard, it already has tudca and 44 ingredients to help
As a side note, if you require aromasin (or any AI) on your TRT protocol then your test dose for TRT is too high. You should never require an AI. I would get that dialed in first.
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