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Okay... I've been reading, posting, and learning a great deal about drugs on this forum for several weeks now and have finally come to the conclusion of what my final cycle is going to be. I will be posting everything from nutrition to training to on cycle to PCT. I won't be taking any sarms this time around because quite honestly I still have a good deal of research to do (as I've done for my AAS) before I'm willing to injest/inject anything into my body. I will be dieting down a bit for the next few weeks, reverse dieting for the last week or so prior to the cycle, and doing a lean bulk while on cycle. The calories/macros are subject to change based off of how my body reacts to the nutrition combined with the drugs.

Most Recent Stats: 5'11-6', 205lbs, ~9-10%bf... Deadlifts (first time doing them in over a month) @405 for 10, incline dumbbell bench @110 for 9, Back Squat @315 for 17 followed by 365 for 8 immediately after. I'm on the mend from a motorcycle crash and a back injury prior to this, so these numbers are expected to go way up while on cycle, but that isn't my "goal". My goal is to maintain a somewhat lean and hard physique while on a generous surplus to fill out my weak points (lateral delts, upper back, arms, lower chest, and calves/hamstrings). If you couldn't guess from this, I was a natural bodybuilder and now am aspiring to eventually go pro in the IFBB in the next few years (whether classic or mens physique is yet to be seen).

1-16 Test Cyp @400 mg/week (monday/thursday 200mg (the bottle is 200mg/ml)
1-15 Equipoise @600mg/week (monday/thursday 300mg (the bottle is 300mg/ml)
1-6 T-bol @50mg/day (each tablet is 50mg, so I did 50 for the convenience as opposed to 40 or 60)
1-18 Aromasin @12.5mg EOD
15-18 HCG @1000ius/week (I was thinking I'd just split this into 500iu monday/thursday, any opinions on this? I'm a first timer here)

19-22 Nolvadex @ (come in 20mg tablets)
19-22 Clomid @ (come in 50mg tablets)
19-22 Aromasin @12.5mg EOD

Other Supplements:
-I'll be taking a cycle assist for the first 6 weeks to assist with the TBOL
-General things like Fish Oil, Multivitamins, Vitamin D, B12, etc on hand throughout cycle for general health (also have milk thistle)
-I'll also be supplementing a "Greens" supplement to help make sure my vitamins/micros are reacher (I'll mix it with my whey probably post workout)

Training Split: (Monday and Fridays will be my two a day sessions, and I'll only be doing this much volume on cycle. I'll switch over to a slightly lower volume/strength phase post cycle to maintain what I've built as well as I can)

Monday:Shoulders and Arms / Calves, Quads and Hamstrings
Tuesday: Chest and Biceps
Wednesday: Back, Traps and Triceps
Thursday: Shoulders (front, lateral, and rear with a focus on lateral)
Friday: Calves, Quads and Hamstrings / Triceps and Biceps
Saturday: Chest and Back
Sunday: Off

Example of a day of training... (AMRAP is as many reps as possible, and the 3x321 is a triple drop set)
Tuesday: Chest and Biceps
Flat Hammer Strength Machine: 1, 2, 3 (3 sets with 2 plates AMRAP)
Incline Dumbbell Flyes: 2 sets of 8-10, 2 sets of 15
Vertical Flat Chest Press: 4, 3, 2, 1 (AMRAP)
Pec Deck Flyes: 3 sets of 3, 2, 1 (Drop Sets)
Chest Dips: 3 sets of Max Reps
E-Z Bar Curls: 4, 3, 2, 1 (AMRAP)
Incline Curl Machine: FST-7

You're safe in assuming I know more than a little amount about training, and your focus can be better directed at the drug aspect of this post haha...

Eating and Cardio:
I will basically be following a progressive increase in both cardio and food over the course of the 4+ months on cycle.
Phase 1: 15 mins of LISS Cardio 3x a week (Macros @88f, 469c, 305p, a total of 3888 cals)
Phase 2: 20 mins of LISS Cardio 3x a week (Macros @99f, 502c, 338p, a total of 4255 cals)
Phase 3: 25 mins of LISS Cardio 3x a week (Macros @109f, 540c, 349p, a total of 4537 cals)

-Basically I have a meal plan consisting of chicken, rice, potatoes, ground turkey, ground beef, etc... that has a steady increase in calories whenever my weight isn't increasing at a steady amount. When I make the switch from phase 1-2-3 I'll be implementing slightly more cardio as to counteract the increase in food. This is to get my body running as efficiently as possible and introduce as many nutrients as possible

I've posted it all, planned it all out, and am ready to execute in about 3-5 weeks time. I'll be having blood work drawn before the cycle, and at about 10-12 weeks into it as well along with post PCT just to make sure all of my levels are good. I'm mainly looking for double checking on my drug doses/time frames, but posted the entire log here to help anyone who may want to see what a detailed bodybuilding style training/nutrition plan looks like on cycle. I'm open to all opinions, but understand that I'm predominately looking for it in relation to the drugs and not training/food. I've been doing this (bodybuilding) naturally for a long time and am pretty prepared in the food/training departments.
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