1. Cocopiny

    Next cycle recommendation

    Hey guys what do you think about my next stack. This is an overall recomp stack (in a slight defecit eating clean and doing 1hr cardio a day) planning on looking shredded and large at the same time. Current look My stack idea- Weeks 1-4 Test Sustanon 250- 500mg/wk Deca-300mg/wk...
  2. FinestQueers

    New Finestgears -Build your Ultimate Body Fast has been in business for more than 5years. As you know FinestGears has long been known for excellent service and attention to detail. Has a wide range of high-quality anabolic steroids, HGH, and peptides at unbeatable prices. Whether your goal is to gain muscle while...
  3. Cocopiny

    Gaining mass beyond Natural Capacity

    Dear Friends Firstly I want to say no I’m not natural and have not been for years (in case the title confused you). My stats atm are - 174cm, 88kg @ ~8% body fat. Been training hardcore for almost a decade now and on gear this is the end of my 3rd year. I’ve clearly achieved and surpassed my...
  4. J

    HGH for Post Concussion Syndrome

    I had a concussion 2 weeks ago and recovery has been a pain, I want to speed things up, the symtoms and my sleep quality are killing me, The concussion was not that bad, the Dr said to rest and prescribed me tramadol plus omega 3, so far the only symtoms Ive had are Sensitivity to light Rage...
  5. J


    5’10 203. 18% bf 24 years old. Decided against SARMS but wanted to see what you guys use when you aren’t on cycle. I take creatine, protein powder, and eat a clean diet. What else can I add to really get the most out of being natural but not waste money. Oh and I take a multi with B vitamins.
  6. D

    Roids24 cycle

    Roids 24 cycle log ~ 1500mg Test E, 50mg injectable Anadrol, 750mg Deca. 10 week cycle On week 5, Noticeable strength, fullness and pumps are great, weight is good this far 225, diet is still clean, eating 5 meals a day (plus intra amnio Gatorade blend) 2 beef, 3 chcicken meals, 1 cup of rice...
  7. T

    post contest, cruise help?

    Hey guys, I just got done with my bodybuilding contest last week. I had to travel a lot internationally post it. So lot of flying post it. ( around 20 hours). I did cheat on my diet a few days post it. Ate overboard. Now I am looking extremely watery and fat. I was planning on maintaining form...
  8. T

    T3 powerlifting ( maintaining strength and muscle?

    I am currently training for a powerlifting meet . And maintaining weight at 2500 calories. I weigh around 179-180 pounds. height is 5'6. Whenever I try to drop my calories down further , I struggle to diet and my strength / recovery gets affected . I need to drop down more weight to get to my...
  9. K

    Stacking Peptides with SARMS cycle

    Hello everyone, I am starting my SARMS cycle which includes of: LGD 4033, 10mg/day for 12 wks RAD 140, 20mg/day for the first 4 wks then 30mg/day for the last 12 wks MK 677, 25mg/day for 16 wks upto 12 months MK 2866, 25mg/day for 12 wks S-4, 25mg in the morning then another 25mg 6 hours...
  10. C

    Reliable supply

    I am a source of specific tiromel and steroids in general. Information and customs security are confidential. Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days after payment is confirmed. Do not know how to introduce you. Ask admin to tell me how. Or you can text me.
  11. L

    My Second Cycle

    Okay... I've been reading, posting, and learning a great deal about drugs on this forum for several weeks now and have finally come to the conclusion of what my final cycle is going to be. I will be posting everything from nutrition to training to on cycle to PCT. I won't be taking any sarms...

    SARMS and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)

    Mr. Gemelli, I was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) earlier this year. I have been off steroids for approx 4-5 months now. Im looking for a safe alternative. What is your opinion on using SARMS with my kidney disease? I have had to change my diet and training...
  13. J

    Advanced Opinions Only Please

    Hi all, I was just looking for advanced user opinions/advice on what my upcoming year is going to look like. I do welcome any opinions, but am pre-warning that there is insulin involved for those of us who are triggered by the word :D. I know many of the guys on here are very against, however...
  14. Blue_Shine

    Variety in training changes your BRAIN

    This post is to elaborate on Dylan's video on the benefits of variety in your exercise routine: I'm pretty positive most of the users on this forum are well versed in the virtues of alternating their resistance exercises. However, I'd bet at least...
  15. Blue_Shine

    Study of athletic injuries finds: Bodybuilders healthiest in pro athletic community!

    A meta-analysis of 20 eligible studies published in the Journal of Sports Medicine sought out to find the link between sports injuries and the following competitive disciplines: weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, Highland Games, and CrossFit. Conclusion: Bodybuilders are the...
  16. E

    Liver support

    Can you recommend a good product?
  17. AsapSlim

    Sarms results (photo included) gw and s4

    Stats- Age: 33 Height: 5'9 Start weight: 215 End weight: 185 Push/pull intensity training 6 days a week Cycle length: 8 weeks Starting bf% 20 Ending bf% 14 I also threw in some intermittent fasting, 16hr fast with 8 HR feeding window 4 days a week.
  18. Flanex


    I've noticed a lot of pro & advanced bodybuilders don't work their abs at all.Why is this?Also to the shredded guys on the boards here (Jake,Zeke & RickRock come to mind)do you work your abs or is it all diet that got you were you are with them? I work mine at least once a week just because I...
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