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Hi all,

I was just looking for advanced user opinions/advice on what my upcoming year is going to look like. I do welcome any opinions, but am pre-warning that there is insulin involved for those of us who are triggered by the word :D. I know many of the guys on here are very against, however, I respectfully ask that you refrain from trying to dissuade me from use. I've used it safely over last summer and enjoyed the results.

Current stats:
235lbs (lost about 10lbs over holidays, went home to see family and ate half of what I usually do for a couple weeks...)
9-12% BF

Current goals:

Basically want to start competing again. Plan is looking for card summer-winter 2018.

Here's what the year looks like compound wise:
HGH (PL Generic, hoping to have funds to move to pharma starting 2018)
IGF-1LR3 (muscle chemistry)
Test cyp (BGS)
Test E (BGS)
HCG (pharma)
Clomid (pharma)
Aromasin (pharma)
T4 (pharma)

HGH protocol:
Currently at 2ius in the morning. Been on it for almost 3 weeks. Will move to 4ius at end of week 4 (split dose), and basically ramping up 2ius every 3 months until I reach a total of 10ius ED. Will be taking 100mcg t4 every morning along with hgh.

Taking 60mcg bi-laterally post workout on workout days and 60mcg sub-q in the morning on non-workout days. will start use when HGH is ramped to 4ius and run 5 weeks on, 5 weeks off.

Starting back at 10ius 30 minutes preworkout and ramping slowly to 15ius where I will cap. Will start and follow along with IGF-1 protocol for time on and time off. I have a solid shake protocol I have used in the past and will share if asked for.

AAS cruise (starting next week, coming off 650mg deca, 1000mg test e):
Test Cyp 500mg EW, EQ 600mg EW. Will run aromasin IF needed. I tend to do fine without it at that dose. A clomid/HCG blast will also be implicated at the beginning and end of cruise. Cruise time is just 8 weeks (was thinking of ramping to 12).

AAS blast:
1000mg test E EW, 1200mg EQ EW. Will take 12.5mg of aromasin EOD. Blast is going to last 16 weeks, then repeat cruise protocol.

I can share training protocols, diet plans, regular supplement protocols, precautionary measures for BP, ect. if wanted. Just didn't want to write a novel..... Also, I will not be using any orals as far as AAS goes during this time. Will start again when I choose a show and start prepping.

I generally do not post stuff like this or just outright ask for cycle help because I do a lot of research, but just thought I'd reach in for opinions.
I personally can't comment on the matter but I see you running BGS gear which is fire.. good luck, I'm sure you'll get some love since there are allot of seasoned members on this site.

Good luck competing bro.

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Call it whatever you like... BUT

Test Cyp 500mg EW, EQ 600mg EW


It's a cycle
I'd ask a couple things just to get an idea about you.

You said compete again. So I assume you've competed in the past. At what level and what placing? Why the cruise so high (buen has a valid point)? How long have you been cycling? Is this what you are looking to make your career?
What's your carb/iu ratio for your insulin?

In my opinion you shouldn't need 10iu of growth.
Just need better quality.

I am not one that will condemn you for insulin use. I've used it as well and it can do amazing things when used correctly and imo is totally safe IF and only if, you
1. Have a brain and prepare yourself
2. Your diet is in check and you eat enough

With that bring said, this all seems like it's just about how I'd run everything aside from the cruise. I cruise at 200 or less.
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The only real problem I see is the cruise. 8 weeks is a little short and cruising at those doses, you probably won't bring your myostatin levels down much at all, which makes gains once you go back to blasting pretty much minimal. You are a big guy, and I understand possibly cruising a little higher to hold your mass but 500 test and 600 EQ to cruise is way overkill. I can see cruising on maybe 300 test but not all that

Also, I'm a little surprised you don't have Deca in here during your blasts. I know you are coming off of Deca now, but if you are chasing size you can't beat it
Thanks for the replies. Sent out a couple PMs to responses.

As far changes to this goes, i think the cruise will be dropping. Looking at doses closer to 250mg test Cyp, 300mg EQ EW. Still have not decided if the cruise will last 8 or 12 weeks.

I appreciate it, guys.
bro, you have to be careful man.. you cannot cruise like that and eq at 300 is NOT a cruise bro... NOR is 250 test.. im telling you, your shaving years off your life... you do whatever you want and what you seem to think is best, but ask rick about this, what he has seen when people abuse trt.. you dont know the long term reprocussion but if you have people you care about or depend on you, you should check yourself really fast
Dylan is absolutely right. Cruising at too high for too long will turn your blood to oil and thicken it. A friend of mine never actually cruised and stayed on high doses. He was a big guy, about 240 shredded, but he paid the ultimate price and died of a massive heart attack at 46 years old.

I understand the desire for gains and size, but longevity and health always need to take precedence and there is a right, safe, and effective way of doing things
I second what everyone else said and will add that if you bring your cruise down to a reasonable dose you won't need 1000mg of test in your cycle. You could bring that down a lot more and still make progress.

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