1. Y

    First Sarm Cycle

    Hello Everyone, First of all I want to thank God for even finding this forum, and I want to thank Dylan and everyone else who dedicates their time to helping guys like me on here. So without babbling too much, I played football, lacrosse, and wrestled since a kid, with wrestling being my main...
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    OSGear HGH, Hormones & Peptides

    Hello, On OSGear you can find a big selection of HGH, Hormones and Peptides... delivery GUARANTEED! Checkout our BESTSELLERS below: Genotropin 36 IU (12 MG) GoQuick - Pfizer -> Humatrope 36 IU (12MG) - Lilly ->...
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    Try the Natural-Peptides on OSGear

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  6. J

    HGH for Post Concussion Syndrome

    I had a concussion 2 weeks ago and recovery has been a pain, I want to speed things up, the symtoms and my sleep quality are killing me, The concussion was not that bad, the Dr said to rest and prescribed me tramadol plus omega 3, so far the only symtoms Ive had are Sensitivity to light Rage...
  7. P

    Quality peptide source

    Hello everyone, I am having been looking into starting peptides. I have read up on every peptide and the best cycles to start using. The issue I am having is finding a quality site to place an order. When I do find a site that someone has said something somewhat positive about the site is...
  8. 9

    Blood in syringe while IM inject TB500 to glutes

    The pain from the right side of my lower back to right hip area has been bothering me for several month. I currently am 3rd week into TB500 loading phase where I inject 5mg of it once a week. I can feel some improvement, but not significant. I usually constitute each 5mg with 1ml of Bacteria...
  9. N

    Regeneration Peptides and Sources

    Hey all. I was watching Dylan's video on BP-157 and want to try the stack he recommended (BPC-157, TB-500, MK-2866, MK-677). Looks like SARMSX is the way to go for the SARMS, but they don't sell the peptides. Could anyone recommend some sources that can supply the peptides and maintain the...
  10. Mark Diesel (All American Peptide)

    I've seen on that these guys are really well rated. Does anyone have any experience with them or any input on them for a source for SERMs and AIs? Thanks for input!
  11. C

    My questions about GH

    I am a male, 27, 6'2 Height, 182LB, 8% to 10% bodyfat. I have been enamored by GH and its effects of the body for both its anti-aging and fitness aspects. Some people call it the fountain of youth and use it in low dosage for health reasons, some people use it to overcome injuries and other...
  12. K

    Stacking Peptides with SARMS cycle

    Hello everyone, I am starting my SARMS cycle which includes of: LGD 4033, 10mg/day for 12 wks RAD 140, 20mg/day for the first 4 wks then 30mg/day for the last 12 wks MK 677, 25mg/day for 16 wks upto 12 months MK 2866, 25mg/day for 12 wks S-4, 25mg in the morning then another 25mg 6 hours...
  13. M

    Martial arts sarms and peptides question

    Martial arts sarms/peptides need help from Dylan Hi, Dylan. I've been watching a lot of your videos and wanted to ask some questions. Let me give you a little explanation of what I do so to make it easier to understand my questions. Thank you. I'm a full time brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor. I...
  14. J

    Cardarine vs peptides vs MK-677

    Hey guys, How do the following compare: Cardarine (25mg) vs GHRP2+MOD GRF (saturation dose 3x daily) vs MK-677 (25mg), in the following ways? 1. Fat loss: which could I expect better fat loss results from when used over a 12 week period? 2. Muscle preservation: which would preserve muscle...
  15. N

    *Advice on Injury Recovery SARMS stack

    Dear Dylan and all, I am a newbie to SARMS, but am excited about its potential for wellness (in addition to body building). I am grateful for this terrific forum and any advice you might offer. 1) I seek your advice on the best SARMS stack to aid in my recovery from chronic Achilles...
  16. J

    Advanced Opinions Only Please

    Hi all, I was just looking for advanced user opinions/advice on what my upcoming year is going to look like. I do welcome any opinions, but am pre-warning that there is insulin involved for those of us who are triggered by the word :D. I know many of the guys on here are very against, however...
  17. J

    Peptides to help heal after knee surgery!

    Hey brothers, I recently tore my quad tendon and some other damage to my knee that is requiring surgery next week. I ordered some peptides to help heal quicker. Igf-1 des, mgf, tb500 and hpc-157. I chose the Des over lr3 so I won't have to worry about timing with the mgf, that is also why I...
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