HGH for Post Concussion Syndrome


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I had a concussion 2 weeks ago and recovery has been a pain, I want to speed things up, the symtoms and my sleep quality are killing me, The concussion was not that bad, the Dr said to rest and prescribed me tramadol plus omega 3, so far the only symtoms Ive had are
Sensitivity to light
Rage, like dbz vegeta type of anger lol I love this symtom
anxiety for short periods of time
My dreams are weird like I always dream cool stuff and now its just weird
I dont know is this is the right expression but my brains feels sore

Im expecting to be suffering these symtoms for 3 months, Dr said it could be 1 more mo th

Any experiences on using HGH or Peptides to recover faster?
Or any former football players that know a little bit about concussions?
I wouldnt suggest hoping on HGH for a concussion man. I mean you rattled your brain it was bouncing around in your skull I dont think HGH would repair that kind of damage? Peptides and HGH work great for muscle/tendon/ligament injuries but I havent seen anything conclusive about HGH helping with concussions otherwise every NFL player would be on it.
hgh is not going to do anything to help with this whatsoever and i have no clue where you would ever come up with such a thing
I hope this helps I heard a podcast from Dave Asbury from Bulletproof about the power of mega dosing CoQ10 and PQQ for concussion protocols. Google it.
Concussions are very serious so I would not try to speed anything up. Take your time and let things heal. I have been coaching hockey for years now and we are just starting to see how serious concussions are if not treated properly. I good friend of mine, moved her family to Toronto just so her kid could go to a specialized hockey school. Super talented kid with a shot of making it. 3 concussions later and his career is done at 13 years old. Tough to swallow but health and having a good quality of life are far more important.
Got it, turns out it wasnt a concussion my neck is just super sore Dr said not to worry, but still it is a pain cant do anything , do u think HGH is now a possibility on this one? I just want to stay off medications and do something for once I was told that in 2 more weeks I was good to go, but man Ive been Injured for 4 weeks already what do u think?
Turned out I wasnt a concussion Dr said I shocked my nervous system and to not worry about it, I feel fine now but my neck is still killing me, cant move as I want, gotta be in bed and cant exercise, said my muscles are sore due the impact and that Im gonna be good to go in two more weeks, any tips ?
you dont need hgh for a sore neck brother... thats completely unnecessary... mk2866 is all you need here... you dont need to invest that much money on hgh
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