1. J

    HGH for Post Concussion Syndrome

    I had a concussion 2 weeks ago and recovery has been a pain, I want to speed things up, the symtoms and my sleep quality are killing me, The concussion was not that bad, the Dr said to rest and prescribed me tramadol plus omega 3, so far the only symtoms Ive had are Sensitivity to light Rage...
  2. F

    Broken Tib/Fib in the middle of training need to heal Fast!

    Broke my Tib/Fib showing off to the kids on the BMX bike. I am currently taking Test Cyp. maintaince dose 250 mg a week just finished a cycle. My body is an amazing shape at age 42 what SARMs will help me heal? I watch Gemelli Youtube and see BPC 157 and MK 677 and MK 2866 anyone know which one...
  3. N

    *Advice on Injury Recovery SARMS stack

    Dear Dylan and all, I am a newbie to SARMS, but am excited about its potential for wellness (in addition to body building). I am grateful for this terrific forum and any advice you might offer. 1) I seek your advice on the best SARMS stack to aid in my recovery from chronic Achilles...
  4. A

    Need help, special circumstances

    Hi all, I'm writing to you today because I need help figuring out next steps. Let me explain; almost 3 years ago I was in an accident and was injured. I tore my pecs in 3 places, which healed well but I also injured my lower back seriously. I could barely move for 4 months. Long story short...
  5. Blue_Shine

    Study of athletic injuries finds: Bodybuilders healthiest in pro athletic community!

    A meta-analysis of 20 eligible studies published in the Journal of Sports Medicine sought out to find the link between sports injuries and the following competitive disciplines: weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, Highland Games, and CrossFit. Conclusion: Bodybuilders are the...
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