My questions about GH


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I am a male, 27, 6'2 Height, 182LB, 8% to 10% bodyfat.

I have been enamored by GH and its effects of the body for both its anti-aging and fitness aspects. Some people call it the fountain of youth and use it in low dosage for health reasons, some people use it to overcome injuries and other people abuse it to look like the creatures from Dante's Inferno.

I would like to use GH in conjunction with intermittent fasting as a 1 year experiment to achieve greater strength at the gym, a better physique and overall better health.

My questions are:

1. At what age is it safe to use HGH

2. Are Peptides a better option than HGH at lower ages

3. How much IGF-1 is produced via Peptide use Vs HGH injections

4. Are those growth hormone pills at GNC any good, do they have any beneficial effects?

5. What are your personal experiences with Peptides or GH

6. What brands of GH or peptides do you trust/use

DISCLAIMER: there is a weird bias against people asking questions without having a trillion prior posts, (Not sure where this stems from) but I am here for empirical information ONLY not unwarranted/needless opinions. I have been working out since high school and I have never used any gear in the past because I don't want to achieve the results people who use steroids want to achieve. I am only interested in strength and health benefits and I came to this forum because after watching some sarms videos I felt that this is the right community to talk to and get answers from people who actually used the stuff
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