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    OSGear Touchdowns!

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  2. P

    MK-677 NZ Source

    I'm looking to do a cycle of mk-677 as a standalone or stacked with ostarine (young and broke so might only be able to afford the mk). Anyone know any sources that are either in NZ (preferrably) or will get through customs? I have ordered some from PureRawz but it hasn't arrived yet even though...
  3. P

    Quality peptide source

    Hello everyone, I am having been looking into starting peptides. I have read up on every peptide and the best cycles to start using. The issue I am having is finding a quality site to place an order. When I do find a site that someone has said something somewhat positive about the site is...
  4. S

    PharmaLady still around?

    Just wondering if this source was still around hadn’t seen much talk of them.
  5. K

    UK Sources

    Hi People, Are there any reputable UK Sources for SARMs. Have done a search through the forum and JW UK seem to be stocking DNA Anabolics which it looks like I should be staying away from (Prohormones). Is there any UK SARMs sources that are approved by iSARMs, as I am struggling to find any...
  6. Z

    Aus source

    Hi just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a source that ships to Australia
  7. R

    Any reliable Australian sources?

    Searched throughout forum and can't seem to find much regarding sources for Australia. There was a few sites i found from reddit but no user data to backup quality etc, they have feedback on there site but that can easily be faked. I'm after the following: Anabolicum (LGD-4033) Cardarine...
  8. A

    Sarms INFO

    I've just joined this forum and have been reading around. I decided i want to try this stack. Im located here in the U.S. I'm 30yrs, 169lbs, 5'9 with about 13-15% BF. Do you think this is a good stack for with my stats? My ultimate goal is to put on muscle. I'm in the gym 5 days a week and...
  9. J

    Need new source

    I’m in desperate need of a new source with a relatively short delivery time. I used to go through ashop but I heard it’s hit or miss on getting scammed now. Any help on this would be much appreciated. I usually just take oral winny. Any suggestions on cycles would be appreciated as well. I’m...
  10. N

    Regeneration Peptides and Sources

    Hey all. I was watching Dylan's video on BP-157 and want to try the stack he recommended (BPC-157, TB-500, MK-2866, MK-677). Looks like SARMSX is the way to go for the SARMS, but they don't sell the peptides. Could anyone recommend some sources that can supply the peptides and maintain the...
  11. Mark Diesel (All American Peptide)

    I've seen on that these guys are really well rated. Does anyone have any experience with them or any input on them for a source for SERMs and AIs? Thanks for input!
  12. C

    My questions about GH

    I am a male, 27, 6'2 Height, 182LB, 8% to 10% bodyfat. I have been enamored by GH and its effects of the body for both its anti-aging and fitness aspects. Some people call it the fountain of youth and use it in low dosage for health reasons, some people use it to overcome injuries and other...
  13. J

    MGP On Point

    Haven't posted in awhile because work has been crazy and I've been on prep for awhile, but I just wanted to take a second to give MGP a shout. I've used a whole lot of sources (both on and off this forum) and run pretty heavy cycles so I order frequently and can tell the difference between low...
  14. F

    Considering tren for 7th cycle...

    New to the forum I've been watching Dylan's videos for a few months. Strongly considering running tren(don't currently have access yet), I really like going for the leaner look as you'll be able to tell from my cycles. I'm 35 been training for 8 years, been on TRT for 4 years and have run 6...
  15. K

    Need help with a source check

    Hey guys, So I planned on purchasing a triple stack from SARMSx consisting of GW, S4 and Osta. However, I can only afford to buy a 3 month supply for TWO products from SARMSX. I have already purchased the GW, and now need to decide whether to buy the S4 or Osta from SARMSx. I will then buy the...
  16. T

    Pharmacom labs ? Need help asap!

    Not gonna lie little confused I received my order(hell yes), however an additional item came in I did not pay for the packaging is completely different I'm sure it may be stealth (for strict countries) I have no idea what everything is please contact me reps.
  17. The_Gat5

    Domestic orals?

    So i was getting stuff from the federal, but that's not an option anymore unfortunately. So far it looks like the only domestic oral sources are IWGF and MGP. Is that everyone?
  18. S

    Roidsmall. Ever heard of it?

    Been browsing through some sites, old guy went down and i was lucky to find him in the first place. Cant tell if this is a scammer or not
  19. A

    unbeatable first experience.

    I'm new to these forums and how all of this stuff works so like I said I hope I'm doing this right. If not feel free to comment and I will edit this. I emailed Valhalla for a list. They always respond very quickly. Sometimes as quick as 10-15 minutes and I'd say at the latest, 1-2 days. Super...
  20. M

    Injection Oil

    A very funny thing . most gear source buy semi-finished oil from other people , and stick their labels . very good idea. nice to have a try , by some raw powder , get a recipe , do anything by myself ... Brilliant ....
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