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    Little help please

    I think i might have made a mistake and got product from someone i know local do to being scared of dealing with shipping. Has anyone heard good or bad about best labs ltd? Been watching dylan for a long time and should have went with one of the people i this section but now i have it and i need...
  2. J

    Source for HGH

    Trying to find quality HGH that's decently priced. Suggestions? Any personal experience is very welcomed! Thank you, Jmuscle
  3. O

    EBAY Ostarine - Hardcore Formulations - Legit?

    I got this SARM from eBay and I'm wondering of anybody else has heard of this brand or tried this SARM from them. Or any other SARMS from this source. Thanks.
  4. E

    Canadian Source

    Hey guys, I'm in Canada for six months and need a good SARM source. Can any of you guys help me out with a good CA Source so I don't deal with customs? Thanks a lot.
  5. J

    Real, Quality Anavar

    Hi all, I am looking for a new domestic anavar source for my wife. Anyone (preferably women) have experience with var from domestic sources on here? My biggest fear is ordering her Dbol in place of the var. She does her own cycle research, but I'm in charge of sources, which means it's my fault...
  6. J


    After researching for the last 6 months, I've decided to throw insulin into the mix. Can't afford GH at the levels I need to break through the next barrier, so I've decided to give the slin a run. I understand that dangers, but I've done my research and I'll be taking all the precautionary...
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