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Hi People,

Are there any reputable UK Sources for SARMs. Have done a search through the forum and JW UK seem to be stocking DNA Anabolics which it looks like I should be staying away from (Prohormones). Is there any UK SARMs sources that are approved by iSARMs, as I am struggling to find any through the search option. Any info would be much appreciated, if not I will end up using PharmaLady more than likely. Thank You.
Hey, only place I know of in the uk is Research Sarms .Not sure how good they are . Don’t know anyone who have used them either.
Thanks Cerberus. Think I am going to go ahead with PharmaLady as everyone so far has suggested that company. UK sites have had alot of different feedback so think it may be risky.
Hi is it pharmalady ... (dot)com?org? cant find it was also looking for a good source around UK or better said Netherlands.
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