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  1. m555zma

    Platinum or Bio?

    Do you guys prefer Platinum Biotech or Global Anabolics? I LOVE platinum, but I've never tried global..
  2. M

    UK SARMS Source

    Hi Members I'm a AAS user for years. I'm 39 not and decided to move over to SARMS and see why users love it as mochas they do. problem, my source doesn't stock SARMS. any ideas of a good source or Rep for SARMS to the UK? Ive tried the source forums and can't find anything. Thanks
  3. K

    UK Sources

    Hi People, Are there any reputable UK Sources for SARMs. Have done a search through the forum and JW UK seem to be stocking DNA Anabolics which it looks like I should be staying away from (Prohormones). Is there any UK SARMs sources that are approved by iSARMs, as I am struggling to find any...
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