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Hi there everyone! New member and first post here. Been a long time follower of dylan's youtube channels and i owe alot of things to him. No shit, i would've been screwed up bad if i didn't have someone like him guiding and posting vids on a rapid basis to address most of my questions.

I'm shifting to the UK soon, mainly Brighton. So yeah i'll need to re-stock up on gear once more and i wanna ask some stuff if that's okay. I heard a few different sources and i'm all down for trying new ones(Had a local BUT legit AF source back home) as long as they aren't really fake OR underdosed.

I was recommended Med Tech Solutions and Noble Pharma as UK finest ugl's. I did my usual digging around and researching and found MIXED reviews about Med Tech but MOSTLY positive reviews about Noble pharma but i'm very skeptical about them. Guys i'm down for spending loads and am a bulk buyer so i cannot take even the slightest risks. Even if they are legit and good, every once in a while most labs produce bunk batches and my entire cycle will be screwed hence i need advice and guidance. I will also list the reasons i am not trying out these two or atleast wouldn't unless they are the last possible resort option.

I signed up on med tech's forums and found out that you need to have your post APPROVED by their mods to get it posted there. I'm talking about a thread starter. In my post i clearly gave them the vibe that i will DEFO try them out but i did ask some questions as to why they got MIXED reviews and it's been 4 days and my post has not been approved. So yeah, brb only approving posts which give good ratings, NO THANKS MTS.

Noble pharma has been great on many boards and forums however everyone complains that they do not answer back to your questions or respond to your mails and me placing a huge bulk order cannot take this chance of getting dealt in so i'm looking for something better than this.

An off topic question, I had multiple cycles under my belt but wanna do a strong aggressive recomp cycle rn. I'm thinking of going a TRT dose of test, along with a high dose tren and one other compound. What would you guys recommend as the final compound? I thought A-Bombs would be a nice addition but more experienced members can suggest me otherwise.

I've never run high dose tren so i didn't have prolactin issues but what's the common caber dose if your running tren at above 700 per week? Would 1 mcg every week be sufficient?

Thank you and no this is not a fishing source, I would be more than glad to shift some of the source talks to PM and can reveal my pictures just to prove that this is a legit thread. Thanks again!
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