1. C

    My questions about GH

    I am a male, 27, 6'2 Height, 182LB, 8% to 10% bodyfat. I have been enamored by GH and its effects of the body for both its anti-aging and fitness aspects. Some people call it the fountain of youth and use it in low dosage for health reasons, some people use it to overcome injuries and other...
  2. samsonbryant

    whats the youngest age i should ever consider using sarms??

    Im know im way to young to even consider steroids but are sarms viable or should i just shut the fuck up and wait till im older? my stats are 169lbs 12% bf and im 17 years old (18 in 5 days), ive been training consistently for 4 years but only been in the gym doing weights seriously for 2.