T3 powerlifting ( maintaining strength and muscle?


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I am currently training for a powerlifting meet . And maintaining weight at 2500 calories.

I weigh around 179-180 pounds. height is 5'6.

Whenever I try to drop my calories down further , I struggle to diet and my strength / recovery gets affected .

I need to drop down more weight to get to my weight class , but I’m not sure what to do . Should I drop calories and feel like crap ? Or add cardio ( won’t the added cardio affect my overall lifts )

What about adding t3 ?
Woukd that mean I can drop weight while maintaining the current calorie intake ? ( using 250 mg tren a week ; nothing else )

I have heard t3 also is bad for strength . and could break down overall tissue.
Is that a problem if I keep my protein intake high as well? ( 300 grams plus)
Hardly anyone uses t3. It's too catabolic . I don't use it with tren or anything for that matter.just eat cleaner In go into a 500 calorie deficit n you should be fine
Using T3 as a powerlifter is about the worst thing you can do considering your muscle mass and strength will suffer as a result of catabolism.

You will retain far more strength and size dieting properly in a caloric defecit. I'd also add in something like gw to help you lose the fat
im in full agreement with everyone else... t3 is the complete opposite end of the spectrum on what you want to be using in your circumstance... i would not even consider using it... gw501516, as rick pointed out, would be far and away the best option
very curious though. How does t3 really work?
I know a lot of powerlifters/bodybuilders use it while bulking.

I see no sense of using it on a cut from what im reading so far ( might loose strength).

But why would someone use it on a bulk if you can loose strength , Or it the strength loss just because of being in a calorific deficit.
Can it be useful for a powerlifter/performance athlete on a bulk ( can it negatively impact strength gains?)
Using T3 on a bulk just allows you to overeat without getting fat. Your body will burn dietary protein and fat as energy.
the only reason people use it on a bulk is the hope that it will keep their fat ass cleaner in terms of eating whatever they want and that is also counterproductive because it eats away muscle... it makes no sense whatsoever and it is very flawed thinking
Okay, but if you are eating enough. It should not affect your strength right? or does it still affect the strength?
eating enough has nothing to do with it whatsoever... bro, just go ahead and try it out and see for yourself...
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