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contest prep

  1. L

    Mk677 contest prep

    Hi all, is it ok to keep using MK677 during contest prep? Currently on 25mg, or should i cut out completely few weeks out to reduce water retention? Or just keep lower does like 10mg close to stage day? Thanks and have a great day.
  2. T

    T3 powerlifting ( maintaining strength and muscle?

    I am currently training for a powerlifting meet . And maintaining weight at 2500 calories. I weigh around 179-180 pounds. height is 5'6. Whenever I try to drop my calories down further , I struggle to diet and my strength / recovery gets affected . I need to drop down more weight to get to my...
  3. B

    Contest preparation nightmare !!!

    .. throughout my misreable life i had 3 Questions :- 1-what is inside the bermuda triangle 2-how the pyramids were built 3-How to prepare for a Contest ??!!! i know that it is not easy to obtain the answer for that Question , but i hope that maybe someone would answer me or atleast show me...
  4. D

    Best pre contest shred cycle?

    Hi everyone, Stats are : height 5'10" ; weight 215lbs Being working out for 7 years. Age 26 This cycle is my 4th cycle(1-14) and this is a pre contest cycle. And i am planning to use: Test P @ 100mg EOD 1-14 week Tren A @ 50mg EOD 1-12 week (Caber 0.25 EOD) Winstrol @ 50mg ED 8-14 week...
  5. Romes20

    Low Dose Blast +Cruise +Blast before first contest +PCT ? (Crowdsourcing ideas)

    I have decided that I want to do my first physique competition, but I want to work on both the discipline, timing, etc by doing a dry run. The show in question would be April 2018 so I want to try to do a practice run from Mid-October 2016 to a simulated Contest Date of April 15, 2017. I feel...