Low Dose Blast +Cruise +Blast before first contest +PCT ? (Crowdsourcing ideas)


I have decided that I want to do my first physique competition, but I want to work on both the discipline, timing, etc by doing a dry run. The show in question would be April 2018 so I want to try to do a practice run from Mid-October 2016 to a simulated Contest Date of April 15, 2017. I feel that this would be a good way to see what my real strengths and weaknesses are and to see if I can accomplish what I set out to do and then make adjustments when I go in for the real thing.

32 years old, 6'0", 11.5%bf, 191lbs, 7+ years training. I will likely compete in Class C Men's Physique for my height, which has a max weight of 207lbs. So to give myself room, I would shoot for around that number and to drop my bf as much as possible. I do not realistically expect to be the very best on stage, but I want to give it my all and treat all of this as a learning experience, hence the trial run.

2 previous cycles - Test prop only 8 weeks (cycle ended in January), Test Cyp/Tbol/Proviron for 12 weeks (cycle ended in June)
I have a full-time desk job during the day and train in the gym 5 days a week, also adding in 20-30 minutes of cardio about 4 times a week. Because I spend a fair amount of time at a desk, I feel like I really need to monitor my calorie intake and eat just above maintenance at most when putting size on. Baseline calories are about 2550 calories: 45% protein -287g, 25% fat -70ish g, and the remaining 30% are carbs. When cutting I imagine I would drop closer to 2000 calories and increase protein to 55+%, increase fat and cycle/time carbs as needed to fuel workouts and not feel like hell.

My training currently consists of an accelerated Wendler 5/3/1, training 5 days a week. In theory, I have taken a 4 day routine dominated by the main 4 lifts (OHP, Bench, Squat, Deadlift) and organized them so that I do 3 days training, rest, 2 days training, rest, 3 days training, etc. - I also add about 4-5 accessory exercises with moderate weight after each main lift and train for controlled form and by feel rather than strictly reps and sets.

I am not interested in spending a ton of money on SARMS throughout the cycle- Wife supports my goals, but as an accountant money is the first thing that she asks me to consider. I feel like the best way to add muscle, maintain it, and lean down efficiently would be a long blast-cruise-blast cycle with very minimal oral use followed by a longer than average PCT and about 6 months off from anabolics. This is where I am most curious about input, though any suggestions or advice is very appreciated as I have never tried something like this before.

I found that at 400mg Test Cyp, I noticed increased blood pressure and some pressure on my prostate near the end of the cycle so I plan to use fairly low dosing protocols throughout. I agree with Dylan's "Less is More" philosophy wholeheartedly and will likely stick with that for life. I am also reluctant to use extremely harsh DHT compounds for extended periods of time, although I tolerated Proviron well previously. This also allows me a trial run with Nandrolones as well. I know that dosing amounts may look odd, but I have tried to round the concentrations of the compounds I will likely use into balanced weekly amounts and stretching them out in a manner that they would be both effective and reasonable in terms of overall cost. I would rather spend a lot more money on diet here. Normally I would follow the time on = time off, but I feel like this might be the best route if not doing a long bridge.

First Draft: Areas of concern marked. Theoretically contest date is at end of week 26. Go easy on me- I'm hear to learn and bounce ideas around. I have in NO WAY set any of this in stone. If someone thinks I could accomplish what I need in a safer, less reckless way with a 10-week cutting/recomp cycle leading up to the show- I am all for that as well. Basically looking at when the show is from today's date and how I could theoretically pull off maintaining as much size as I could for as long as I could while still cutting down to where I need to be.

Weeks 1-12 -240mg Test Cyp (120mg Mon/Thurs)
Weeks 1-12 -240mg Deca (120mg Mon/Thurs)
Weeks 14-18 Cruise on 100-120mg Test every Monday-----longer?
Weeks 14-18 500iu HCG twice a week (1000iu/wk)
Weeks 19-26 100mg Test e5d ------------------------------Test Cyp is ideal, but Test prop eod better for 8wks instead?
Weeks 19-26 50mg Tren Ace eod-----------6-8 weeks, timing/cutoff as pertains to contest date
Weeks 19-26 15-20mg GW5156 (likely oral form from Roids24)
Weeks 20-26 50-75mg Proviron eod--------Winstrol instead? I already have a stash of Bayer Proviron from Hipo that I would like to fit in somewhere, but open to suggestions.
***Would also use Aromasin at 12.5mg eod while above TRT doses, as needed otherwise. Caber at .25mg e3d as needed when using Nandrolones***
--------------Curious about timing and cutting out the appropriate ester of Test before contest date. Would also like input on HCG use at the end as well and transition to PCT asap after contest date. Would likely stretch standard PCT out 8 weeks. I also see a lot of interesting articles by knowledgable people on TNation, with a new theory of one SERM (Nolva) at only 20mg for a minimum of half the time on cycle, as they feel that 4-6 weeks to kickstart HTPA sufficiently is optimistic at best. Curious about thoughts on this as well as it might be useful in this case. I apologize for the novel, but I completely realize that this is unconventional cycle planning and want to make sure I am not going about this in a reckless bat-shit crazy way.
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So a twelve week cycle of test cyp and deca for contest prep um no 👎 you need too look hard and dry thats definately not gonna do it bro.

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Thats what you should be running in the offseason for size gains not prep and longer than 12 weeks

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Some will disagree with me but I have more experience in this area then most of them . when it comes too steroids and other physique enhancing drugs . Safe moderate usage and bodybuilding competition do not go together very well if you plan on being a moderate user stay off stage bro seriously . I compete and know what coaches are giving IFBB pros for protocols and most here would call it insane .

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That's why I ask! Essentially combining two cycles over a longer period with a short reprieve between- That is the hypothetical scenario for a truncated time table and I was curious about feasibility. Obviously when I go for the real thing, I would be able to adjust that time. My main goal was to have a bulk, then a cut with just enough of a break in between

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Or transition on longer cycle how is your physique now if your lean enough I would run prop the entire time start ou with NPP for 8 weeks with a lean bulking diet higher carbs low fats just over maintance maybe some tbol the first 4 weeks then transistion to a cutting diet switching too just test prop for 4 weeks then add tren ace and masteron last 8 weeks as you slowy add cardio and reduce calories based on your progress maybe some winny last 4 weeks depending on how you look and increase your aromisin.
Thats how I would do it but a big factor is how far are you from being contest ready Id need too see your physique if your not in pretty good shape already that wont work
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