1. P

    Female preparing to begin first SARM cycle

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be running Ostarine, and Cardarine for 12 weeks, with sr9009 for weeks 7-12 (Maybe Epistane, would love some feedback on that). I have cut calories and I'm on (diet) plan as of yesterday. Height 175cm/ 5ft 9 Age:22 Years training:5 (about 2 years out for injury)...
  2. Mark Diesel

    Halotestin dosing protocol for powerlifting

    Seeking advice from experienced halotestin users. Do you find dosing halotestin once a day as a pre workout, or split doses am/pm to be better for strength gains? Thanks for any and all input.
  3. Mark Diesel

    Powerlifter Cyle Log test/deca/equipoise/halotestin/gw501516

    Current Stats: 6’2, 228lbs, 10-12%BF, 26yo Squat: 550 Bench: 440 Deadlift: 650 585mg of testosterone enanthate, 350mg of Deca, and 585mg of equipoise every week. 20mg gw501516 every day 10-30mg halotestin every day last 4 weeks. 12.5mg aromasin every day .5mg cabergoline every 3 days 250mg of...
  4. T

    T3 powerlifting ( maintaining strength and muscle?

    I am currently training for a powerlifting meet . And maintaining weight at 2500 calories. I weigh around 179-180 pounds. height is 5'6. Whenever I try to drop my calories down further , I struggle to diet and my strength / recovery gets affected . I need to drop down more weight to get to my...