Female preparing to begin first SARM cycle


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Hey everyone,
I'm going to be running Ostarine, and Cardarine for 12 weeks, with sr9009 for weeks 7-12 (Maybe Epistane, would love some feedback on that). I have cut calories and I'm on (diet) plan as of yesterday.
Height 175cm/ 5ft 9
Years training:5 (about 2 years out for injury)
Starting Bodyweight 100kg
Longterm Goal Bodyweight 70-75kg

Max lifts (as of April 2018)
Squat: 120kg
Bench: 65kg
Deadlift 140kg

Current Max Lifts
Squat: 100kg

Short Term Goal Lifts:
Bench: 77.5kg

Training frequency - for the last two weeks I dropped frequency down to three sessions per week and brought in 30mins LISS with each of those sessions purely so my recovery management was better after having taken most of April until September off training.
This is going to be increased steadily across the first few weeks of cycle and depending on weight drop end of this week will assess cardio frequency.

Current Calories (dropped for this week) 1700 with one refeed day. Protein 190g, Carbs 150g (230g on refeed day), Fats 38g. Approx 1580 calories a day are strict then the final 120 calories are 'flexi' from higher carb/fat sources.

Cycle (lots of info pinched from gamergrl and MissBizz:
Weeks 1-12 - GW-510516 20 mg day. 30 minutes before workout and on non workout days, all at once in the a.m.
Weeks 1-12 - MK-2866 12.5 mg day first two weeks then bump to 25 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m.
Weeks 7-12 - SR9009 30 MG 5mg doses 6x a day 2-3 hours apart.

My friend will do the same as above but on half the amount.

The reason for bringing in SR at week 7 is to re-increase metabolic rate once it begins to slow and because I cant afford to run it for 12 weeks.

I have a bottle of Epistane as well and I'm considering running it at 10mg 2 days on 2 days off/ just on training days/ as its just sitting here but I struggle with the joint dryness (although I think the ostarine will help with this) so I don't think I would do too well at running it daily. Does anyone have any opinions/ input on doing this?

I hope to log in here as an accountability diary and also to provide a source of information to other females as I struggle to find posts from females on their usage.

Issues prior to cycle:
Joint Pain
Possible Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (runs in the family and I present a lot of/all of the symptoms but without diagnosis.
Possible Fibromyalgia (my doctor is useless so won't diagnose me)
Possible Myofascial Pain Syndrome
History of IT Band Syndrome so will be stretching LOTS
History of SI joint issues and Sciatica, also will be stretching lots.

2x broken spine

These are noted to account for pain management, symptom changes etc.


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i would absolutely NOT use epistane whatsoever here, especially as a female and only being 22 years old...


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Why’s that? I had read up on it before I knew anything about sarms and was looking at PH and looked the best of the lot. Is it just down to the sides?


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why ANYONE would use a pro hormone is beyond me... the only allure they had was they were legal for some time... they are less effective than regular compounds and generally have more toxicity than others... it literally makes no sense whatsoever