LOG: Anavar, Rad 140, Cutting Cycle

it is hard to know if your var is real

your best bet is buying from a LEGIT place. not from a gym owner who has no clue what he is selling
I am officially 2 weeks in
and increased my dosage of Anavar from 20 to 40mg per morning.

I think it is still a little too early to feel anything just yet. I was really hesitant to run this without a test base but I will definitely be running a PCT of Nolva for a period of time, depending on my suppression. But I wanted something I could quit quickly if I did get sides so I am running Anavar without a base and will run it with one if all goes well. I also agree that I may have started this cycle at too high of a BF%. Ideally, I would like to stay in the around 15% range, but that’s the reason for the cut, right?

Enough of trying to explain myself… Let’s get into how I am feeling and performing.

My Sleep and recovery have increased dramatically. Maybe due to my increased gym performance and intensity? Whether that is from the placebo of being on gear or the chemicals themselves is not my concern. I am going harder and recovering well. I will say that sometimes I feel like I have heat flashes. It might just be in my head, but I’ve had a few moments where I feel extremely warm out of nowhere. Part of me also thinks I have a larger appetite than normal, but again, that may be purely mental.

I also did not time this cycle very well, in my opinion. I just finished up my last 8 week mesocycle of push,pull,legs with an emphasis on the chest and back. So the first two weeks, I have actually been eating more at maintenance and have weighed in at 79kg today. Such a small weight fluctuation could be attributed to water, salt, or food belly.

I will be dieting hard for the remainder of the 6-10 weeks. I am doing a short 2-week deload to resensitize myself to training as I feel like I am getting stale in the gym. I will be hitting full body strength workouts 3x week, MWF, with all sets between 3-5 reps to give my muscles a break and then take that last Friday off before going back into a hypertrophy phase. I plan on lowering the volume a little bit as well, starting with 3RIR and moving closer to 0RIR every week.

Supplements I am taking in conjunction is NAC, Glucosamine/chondroitin, multivitamin, blessed thistle, and arginine. Preworkout has Citrulline and beta alanine. I have Ashwagandha but have yet to dose it as I have a bag of powder.

I also fear that my TDEE has dropped significantly due to my change in occupation. I have gone from an in-person trainer to an online coach and a full-time student in Strength and Conditioning. My daily steps have dropped from 15-20k down to 2-3k. I will have to implement a regular cardio routine now. I may start with 20-30mins of incline walking on the treadmill post workout 6 days per week. I also plan on doing 20 min of the stationary bike before leg day 2 a week for warm-up and etc. On top of this, I may do 2 HIIT sprint workouts for only 15 minutes, where I sprint up a hill and walk back for a total of 1-2 miles. Possibly 1 longer hike or jog on Sundays but we will see how my recovery is and how realistic all this additional cardio really is. The weights are no problem. Adding the cardio may be difficult as I am on an island and the weather is so unpredictable this autumn.

PS: How can I tell if my Anavar is legit? I bought them from the huge gym owner and they came in a somewhat legit bottle. They look like little blue Superman pills, though. Almost like ecstasy-pressed tablets that you see at music festivals. I can post pictures.

Anything else Ya’ll think I should add?
2 weeks your should feel anavar..20mg low though...40 u should feel this week
No way to know if it is legit without having it tested. Keep in mind most anavar out there is fake. Best to stick to our approved sources next time. Glad you are off to a great start!
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