1. SARMsAssassin

    SARMs Enthusiasts, Help Me Optimize My 12-Week Cycle with RAD-140, ACP-105, and S-4

    What's up everyone! I'm thrilled to be joining this forum as a newcomer to SARMs and the forum community as a whole. I'm eager to learn from those of you who have years of experience with SARMs and forum posting. To give some background, my only previous experience with SARMs was a short 6-week...
  2. JohnnyBukkake69

    LOG: Anavar, Rad 140, Cutting Cycle

    My Plan: 8 -12 week Cut. 20mg Anavar (Oxandrolone tablet) may increase to 40mg 20mg Rad 140 (Testolone Gel) 20mg GW-501516 (Cardarine Gel) 20mg ACP-105 (gel) 50mg S-4 (Andarine Polycell formula) Starting weight: 80kg Body Fat: ~20% Nutrients: 200P/100C/40F (1400-1800kcals) Sample: Meal One: 5...
  3. tomanhtai

    New to Sarms

    Hi guys. I'm new to this. I have searched a lot of websites that selling these products and i found Is it legit and deliver high quality sarms or not. i'm looking for Rad-140 and GW-501516 for cutting cycle. After that cycle how to keep gains and natural PCT needed...
  4. D

    2nd Cycle - Suggestions

    Hello Community, 35 year old, male, 5'9, 230lbs, been lifting for 20+ years. Approx. 18% BF. I have successfully ran my first cycle, and am really happy with the results. My first cycle is below: 1-12 Rad140, 20 mg daily 9-12 DGA Post CT 13-16 Clomid 50/25/25/25 GW-501516, 20 mg daily...
  5. foxb

    Deloads / deloading on SARMs GW-501516 Cardarine & MK2866 Ostarine ?

    I am about to start a 12week MK2866 + 16week GW-501516 cycle for the first time. How do I go about deload planning in my normal training routine? Every 6 weeks as always, or do I need less deloads, since these SARMs should give me more endurance, faster recovery, more energy and improved...
  6. M

    New to Isarms and have a few questions - GW-501516 and SR-9009

    Female - New to Isarms and have a few questions - GW-501516 and SR-9009 Hello Everyone, I need your help with regards to Sarms, particularly for fat burning. Let me give you a brief background. Here are my stats: Female 47 yrs old 5'6 158 lbs I've been lifting weights for 20 yrs, and at...
  7. Blue_Shine

    Study: GW-501516 may help you get over your BINGES?

    The major hormonal problem with cheat meals getting out of hand Most tend to believe that the primary problem with cheat meals is that you intake excess calories. As this may definitely be true, the real issue with cheat meals, is that they can actually cause a transient shift of your hormonal...
  8. Blue_Shine

    GW-501516: New studies and benefits revealed!

    Dylan had requested to have some academic focus on popular compounds, and so we'll be launching a series of articles I'll be authoring about recent work done in the medical field regarding SARMs. Beginning with new and exciting potential benefits of GW-501516. Disclaimer: If you choose to...
  9. M

    8 Week Power Stack

    24yrs old 7 years training experience 179lb's @8-10% bodyfat Starting the 8 week power stack soon and was looking for any advice/recommendations. plan is as follows: w1-8: LGD-4033 10mg/d w1-8: RAD-140 10mg/d w1-8: S4 50mg/d depending on vision sides, S4 doses may be increased to 75mg/d after...
  10. P

    I would like to start taking GW-501516

    -Sex: Male -Age:24 -Height:5.74 -Weight: 172 pounds -Body fat: 10% - 13% -Years of training: Did some martial arts and weightlifting, but not constantly, i don't train since 2 years ago. -Complete cycle history: none. -Goals: MMA - Cardio -Supplements:5-htp, vit-c, multivitamin, supervitamin b...
  11. T

    Help Understanding Science Behind GW-501516

    Hello ISarms Family, So I wanted to get some understanding behind the science of using GW-501516 (GW-50156) or GW for short. Ok, so I've read that people use GW to increase endurance during workouts, which produces a greater calorie burn, while being able to maintain muscle, regardless of the...
  12. H

    sarm review by a hardgainer

    Wanted to share this for those who are thin and looking to gain size. After researching SARMS for about a month I decided to give them a try and so far I'm seeing good gains in size and strength. Started with LGD to test the waters and now I'm adding more. STATS MALE AGE: 38 WT: 156lbs HT...
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