1. JohnnyBukkake69

    LOG: Anavar, Rad 140, Cutting Cycle

    My Plan: 8 -12 week Cut. 20mg Anavar (Oxandrolone tablet) may increase to 40mg 20mg Rad 140 (Testolone Gel) 20mg GW-501516 (Cardarine Gel) 20mg ACP-105 (gel) 50mg S-4 (Andarine Polycell formula) Starting weight: 80kg Body Fat: ~20% Nutrients: 200P/100C/40F (1400-1800kcals) Sample: Meal One: 5...
  2. K

    RAD-140 need to stop early cycle. What to do ?

    Hello, I am currently on my 7th day of RAD-140 and I injured my bicep. I have to take a few weeks off before I can start lifting weights at the gym again. My question is this: Do I need a PCT since I have been taking the RAD-140 for 7 days? I have been taking 10mg / ed for 7 days. I am...
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