1. G

    RAD140 higher dose? Or stop

    I started my first cycle of RAD140 and GW. Been doing 20mg of each per day since Nov 28, 2023 I immediately felt the GW. Like I was running with an O2 tank strapped on my back. But have felt almost nothing nor noticed and gains or strength increases from the RAD140. No muscle pumps. Back...
  2. L

    Pulsing Orals - 2 Weeks On, 2 Weeks Off (Good Idea or Bad Idea?)

    I always get very lethargic on orals if I run them longer than four weeks. My favorites are TBol, Anavar, Winstrol, and Superdrol. I always run them daily with Test C at 200-250mg a week. I understand that TBol, Anavar, and Winstrol can be run every day for 4-6 weeks, while Superdrol is best at...
  3. JohnnyBukkake69

    LOG: Anavar, Rad 140, Cutting Cycle

    My Plan: 8 -12 week Cut. 20mg Anavar (Oxandrolone tablet) may increase to 40mg 20mg Rad 140 (Testolone Gel) 20mg GW-501516 (Cardarine Gel) 20mg ACP-105 (gel) 50mg S-4 (Andarine Polycell formula) Starting weight: 80kg Body Fat: ~20% Nutrients: 200P/100C/40F (1400-1800kcals) Sample: Meal One: 5...
  4. L

    How Much - Low Dose Tren

    Hi Dylan, I’ve come to the conclusion that while I’m on TRT… I stay around 150mg of Test C, and I feel good. When I blast and take any oral, I up it to 250mg Test C, and then keep my oral low: - Anavar: 20mg a day for 40 days (by itself, not stacked with anything else besides 250mg Test) -...
  5. S

    Female cycle

    Hi, I’ve done a few cycles before both with Sarms, oils and orals over the years. Hoping to get some recommendations for my next cycle. Stats 31y, female, weightlifting 6days a week, cardio 6-7 days a week(mostly cycling), 140lb, 5’7, 15% bf. My latest cycle started with carderine and s4 to...
  6. Z

    First Cycle ever... Please help!

    Hi all, Hi all, I'm Ale. I want to thank you for all the info you provide in this forum. It helped me undarstanding a lot about steroids and right way to use them. I still have some questions though. So, after weeks of online reading, and lots of arguments with my partner (she's a natty...
  7. A

    Test and Anavar

    I plan on taking a cycle of Anavar in a few months. I am constantly reading and being told I should stack var with testosterone, but I do not quite understand the exact process of this. In summary, what testosterone should I stack with Anavar? Also, I plan on talking about 60 to 70 mg a day for...
  8. B

    Cycle help

    I am 5.9 wt 182.5 bf 15% My previous cycle was 12 weeks dbol , test , deca. Gained abt 10lb muscle. Lost about 5lb muscle after cycle.I am planning a new cycle for cutting using Anavar 50mg, test prop 100mg eod, proviron 50mg x 8 weeks 1. Should i decrease dose of any of the compounds esp test...
  9. N

    Anavar Cycle Side Effects

    Hi Dylan or whoever reads this, I am new to this site and wanted to reach out to get some advice. I’m shook right now and before you can call me a dumbass I am.. Started var only beginning of april and only went off for two weeks sometime in june. Stopped today so basically i was taking...
  10. 2

    Need help

    i have just started a cycle with anavar 50mg, ostarine 15mg, gw 501516 10mg, sr9009 20mg. do you think its a bad idea mixing var with sarms would i get a complete shut down after 6 weeks ? I am taking milk thistle once a day and arimadex once evrey 3 days. Also my pct is clomid and nolvadex with...
  11. D

    Is this stack overkill/not worth it?

    Hi guys I currently have my hands on following substances: Anavar Clenbuterol MK-677 GW-50156 MK-2866 SR-9011 I am already running 25mg of MK-677 with 20mg GW-50156 daily Would adding Anavar, Clenbuterol etc to the stack be overkill/not worth it? Also looking for information from people...
  12. D

    First Cutting Cycle

    Okay so I’ve ran Tren and Test in the past. Currently I’m 22 years old, 5’9 220lbs at 12-14 ish percent body fat. (Haven’t had a good measure in a few weeks) For my first cutting cycle I’m running Weeks 1-10: Sust 250 every 5 days Weeks 2-10: Anavar 30mg twice a day (60mg daily) Followed by...
  13. A

    Need help on possible stack

    Hi guys, Just came off a month off GW501516 and I was super unimpressed with the results regarding fat loss..which is my aim. Been out the game for a while so needing some advice to come back from the experts. Possible options as I am a lady: Anavar: Anavar 5 (Female Edition) Oxandrolone 5mg...
  14. J

    First Test E/Var Cyle - W/ PICS

    I started my first cycle on Feb 27 (5 weeks ago) and I've been running 300 mg test e pw. Will add 50mg var from week 6-12. I've been disappointed with the results so far. My weight has went up about 8lbs (4lbs of which was during) week 1 & 2 but I haven't really noticed much of a difference in...
  15. J

    ***Low Test E + Anavar Cycle. Need your opinion.

    I'm 38 years old, 6'2", 200lbs, 11% body fat. Fit & diet is dialed. I'm ready to take it up a notch but want to be smart. My research says this low Test, Anavar cycle + PCT is a smart start to bulking some, shredding, and maintaining my natural Test levels. But before I pull the trigger I wanted...
  16. T

    Sis labs 50mg anavar is winstrol!

    How's it going everybody. First time poster here! Recently I've got my hands on some 50mg Anavar tabs from SIS Labs. I have verified the batch through the website with the code supplied on the side of the bottle. It was verified as a genuine SIS product. After doing this I decided to email...
  17. H


    Hello I just have some a question, definitely going to be told I'm stupid after reading all the forums on here after. So I just started a anavar only cycle before properly doing my complete research I've been doing 30MG a day for the past 5 days. After reading all the forums and not just using...
  18. I

    Gain weight on keto and 3rd week anavar cycle. This doesn't make sense!

    I'm on 3rd week of anavar cycle but I gain 5kgs, this doesn't make sense! Iam now on my 3rd week of anavar, been taking 10mg/day. My focus is to loose body fat and getting lean. I'm a female with 166cm with now 80kg weight. Before I started anavar I was at 75kg. I've been doing keto eating...
  19. I

    I'm on keto and 3rd week of anavar but I gain 5kgs! This doesn't make sense!

    Hi, Hope you can help my confusion. Iam now on my 3rd week of anavar, been taking 10mg/day. My focus is to loose body fat and getting lean. I'm a female with 166cm with now 80kg weight. Before I started anavar I was at 75kg. I've been doing keto eating cal deficit around 1500cal with high...
  20. A

    Anavar only cycle

    Question... my prep contest coach wants me to start my first cycle doing anavar only for 6 weeks 50mg a day. Is this safe ? I'm 24 Years training 6 5'6 174 pounds Body fat 10%
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