I'm on keto and 3rd week of anavar but I gain 5kgs! This doesn't make sense!


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Hope you can help my confusion.

Iam now on my 3rd week of anavar, been taking 10mg/day. My focus is to loose body fat and getting lean. I'm a female with 166cm with now 80kg weight. Before I started anavar I was at 75kg.

I've been doing keto eating cal deficit around 1500cal with high fat and only 10% carb for 2 months before I started anavar cycle. I even through in with intermittent fasting ratio 16:8. I weight train 2x a week and cardio 4-5 times a week.

Yes I feel my muscles r harder now, I can see some definition and increased in my strength. But I don't understand why I gain alot and so fast!

My anavar is from meditech company and I'm trying to look it's review but very little.
Protein synthesis during cycle is higher. Weight scale IS NOT as important as the mirror. What does the mirror tell you? What about your clothes?
I see definition but clothes alil thighen. Weighing scale also gone up 3% body fat. A lot told me it's actually dbol because it's impossible to gain weight on anavar. Should I stop?
If you are not 100% sure what you are taking is what you wanted then I would stop immediately. Unwanted side effects are just around the corner by the sounds of it :(
You can still gain weight on a Keto diet, Keto doesn’t automatically mean weight loss. Like others said, how much do you trust your Var source..
Ok one. As a woman you should always test your var to make sure its legitimate.

Two. You lift and eat and you dont know why you gained weight. Well you are gaining muscle. I mean that should be kind of obvious. If it was dbol tho you would know you would be all puffy and probly feel terrible.

Lastly. Keto isnt percents of carbs and fats. Its less than 100g of carbs a day. Then subplant the lack of carbs with higher protein and higher healthy fats ie almonds natural peanut butter cook with coconut oil avacados. On keto you can even have whole eggs and bacon.

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