I'm 19 and I've been training for a few months, do you recommend taking 1 cycle of Sarms?


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Are the gains maintained after leaving the cycle or is the loss very noticeable?
Can this affect me in the future?
i dont know anyone, even the dumbest ass out there, that would recommend PED use to a teenager... if you paid me, i wouldnt advise it... you wont get that kind of wreckless carelessness here bro
Do you know what they make steroids out of?

They make them out of the blood of 19 year old males.

Train and diet like your gains depend on it, because they do.

Mic drop...
Not worth it right now man. Let your body continue developing. Your natural test levels haven't even peaked yet. Also, you just started training. You will have years of natural growth ahead of you so there is really no need for any PEDs. What you can do is work on eating right and exercising. That is where all the results come from anyways. PEDs just give you that little extra above what you can naturally achieve. If you want to take anything, get some creatine.
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