Esarms Cardarine and Stenabolic log

You are doing good. It’s a tough journey but it does get easier. For the first year it was a bit of a roller coaster for me. I started at 235 ish and dropped to 175. That was too thin but felt way better. Then through working out now I roll around at about 185. And feel great.
I can’t stress enough that counting your macros is legit.
I struggled with it cause is was to man headed and didn’t want too. I thought I new what I was doing. Finally put the ego aside and started tracking and weighing my food. Huge difference. I actually get more food and make better choices. Weighing food was a game changer for me. I use under armor my fitness pal on my phone to track. It’s easy. My wife uses it way better than I can. I’m not all that techie.
Keep up the good work. Keep the updates coming. These folks here are a great source of inspiration for myself. Take a read at rick rocks intermittent fasting. It is also a great source of knowledge.getting your diet right is king!
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