1. A

    Esarms Cardarine and Stenabolic log

    So I've heard all the rave about how top notch Esarms cardarine is so i decided to do a cutting stack from them with stenabolic. A little about me, I am completely new to both of these products and I chose them to help me lose weight and get motivated in the gym. I'm 25, 6ft 1inch tall, and...
  2. G

    26y/o female SR9009 first time

    Hello, I have recently purchased SR9009 and would like to know what would be the best dosage for me. I am very new to this so please forgive me if i sound uneducated on the topic. 26 years, female, 160cms, 63kgs (138 pounds) I am looking to shed fat as I currently have built some muscle from...
  3. A

    Need some advice. 21 female looking to the right stack to shred fat

    I am 21 yr old female, 5'4" tall and currently weigh 130lbs with 17.5% body fat. I want to get back down to around 110 lbs with about 13% body fat which is where i was at this past July. Many people have been telling me to incorporate Ostarine into my stack but I am nervous that it will cause...
  4. M

    Stenabolic Oral Bioavailability

    Hey dudes, So I am using GW and Osta. I really want to add SR9009 to the mix because the profile looks great... BUT, after reading up on it, i've come across many sites and comments claiming that the oral bioavailability is little to none, with most figures stating it a as 2.2%. I am not sure...
  5. J

    GW vs Stenabolic

    Yo, So I am planning on using GW or Stenabolic as my go to SARM for the long term. Obviously I will take breaks in between, but I plan on using for a very long time. Would like to know which one to buy in Bulk. Can someone please list the benefits that each one has OVER the over below...
  6. W

    Interesting method of using STENABOLIC --- Would This Work?

    Yo, So in terms of SARMS, been running SARMSX LGD and GW for 4 weeks for my Recomp at just under maintenance calories. I have a bottle of Stenabolic left which I haven't used yet, as I haven't found the need for it, or the time to consistently dose it. BUT - I have an interested idea about how...
  7. Blue_Shine

    SR-9009 (Stenabolic) – SARMthing else altogether!!!

    Disclaimer: It remains solely the athlete's responsibility to educate him/herself prior to supplementation with SR-9009. It is this author's opinion that there is no substitute to following dosing regiments put forth by individuals experienced in the use of SR-9009. This piece had taken me a...
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