Blast 4 months cruise 2 months?


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*Finished a 4 month blast on 400mg deca+ 400mg test (finshed 3/1)
* donated blood on 3/1 and started cutting and cruising at 150mg cyp.
* already down 12lbs (I lose weight fast) and abs are reasonably clear
^^^ was planning to cruise 2 months but now thinking to cruise 1.5 months and start tren mid April.
Hoping that's not too soon. 1.5 month cruise too short? I'm leaning out fast and look ready. But obviously cannot see what's going on inside the body.
waay too soon bro , if you really wanna start that soon i'd suggest using some sarms and not AAS so fast
Thanks for the feebck. I'll consider cruising longer. Next is 7 weeks tren @ 75mg eod
Come on bro everyone knows time on = time off anything else is just abuse plain and simple. Run some SARMS and / or HGH to keep you going while you're cruising.
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