Best training Routine for SARMS

Hey guys

So I generally follow a Push Pull, Legs routine 2x per week. Got some questions about training on SARMS.

1. In your opinion, is training each body part 2x per week optimal for most people?
2. Should volume per workout be increased on sarms? currently doing about 6-8 sets per large muscle group and 1-3 sets for isolation exercises depending on how I feel
3. Currently resting for about 60-90 seconds between sets, should this be changed?
4. Currently on a cut, but I am still only performing around 6 reps per set. For muscle and strength preservation on a cut is this okay?
1.. it varies from person to person but thats how i train, yes and it has worked extremely well for me all these years as well as everyone i have trained...

2. bro, you are asking questions that really have no answer... it all depends on your goals...

3. once again, that depends on your goals.. if you are using something like gw501516, it increases muscular endurance as well which allows you to perform with much more output

4. i would be in the 8-10 rep range...
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