1. W

    Newbie seeking diet approval

    What's up guys. I've been interested in Sarms for a while. Finally bought some today. The shop near my house sold me a 3 in 1 sarm formula. 1 pill is 25mg S4 / 15mg Osta / 10mg GW- instructions state one pill in the morning, one at night. Also loaded up on BCAAs, Creatine, and Preworkout with...
  2. RUCingdsgainz

    Cardio !

    Cardio is not my thing and never has been I have been building my cardio over the last few months in preparation for a possible police academy date. I have been lifting for over 12 years and cardio has never been a priority however I do train high volume. Dylan I know you love your cardio got...
  3. M

    Life Question -- Why do you guys train?

    Sup guys, If this flies with the moderators, I wanted to ask everyone a bit of a life question... ....Why do you guys train? And I'm not just talking about getting big, or getting strong, but WHY ELSE do you train? Personally, I experience strong anxiety and frequent panic attacks, and...
  4. foxb

    Deloads / deloading on SARMs GW-501516 Cardarine & MK2866 Ostarine ?

    I am about to start a 12week MK2866 + 16week GW-501516 cycle for the first time. How do I go about deload planning in my normal training routine? Every 6 weeks as always, or do I need less deloads, since these SARMs should give me more endurance, faster recovery, more energy and improved...
  5. K

    Best training Routine for SARMS

    Hey guys So I generally follow a Push Pull, Legs routine 2x per week. Got some questions about training on SARMS. 1. In your opinion, is training each body part 2x per week optimal for most people? 2. Should volume per workout be increased on sarms? currently doing about 6-8 sets per large...
  6. K

    2 weeks off training -- How bad is this?

    Hi guys, so due to some injuries I have to refrain from training for a couple weeks..could this result in any muscle loss? (assuming protein is adequate) Also, I was on a cut, should I move up to maintenance calories over this period to avoid any muscle loss? PS - I'm still taking my sarms...
  7. K

    Hair transplant and Weight training

    Hey guys, Got a really small (500 graft) transplant done last week. Was wondering if any of you guys have had a transplant? if so - how long did you wait before returning to weigh training?
  8. K

    Training on sarms

    Hello everyone, Will be starting a 12 week Recomp Oriented SARMS cycle in a few days with the following SARMSx products: GW 20mg p/day Ostarine 30mg p/day S4 25mg 2x p/day SR 10mg 3x p/day Current training routine - Push, Pull, Legs 2x each per week, 1 rest day - 6 reps for compound...
  9. S

    SARMs best suited for female?

    Hello to all who are reading!! I'm sure this has been asked by many many females, but after extensive research I feel as though its better to get advice for me personally. I started looking into sarms for my boyfriend who said the boys on deployment are using them to bulk up since all they can...
  10. M

    Recomp Diet and Training Comments

    Hi All, I would like to start a discussion to get some feedback and thoughts about the main part of a recomp cycle which is diet and training. I specifically would like help with regards to diet in respect to deciding macros and total calorific intake. How would be a good way to go about setting...
  11. Blue_Shine

    Variety in training changes your BRAIN

    This post is to elaborate on Dylan's video on the benefits of variety in your exercise routine: I'm pretty positive most of the users on this forum are well versed in the virtues of alternating their resistance exercises. However, I'd bet at least...
  12. biggamike

    What you training today??

    Good Morning brothers!! I know most of us trained over the weekend...I know I did. What are you guys training today? Are you observing international chest day today? I hit back last night so I'm going to train chest and hit some "light" shoulders which means mostly laterals, front and rear...
  13. biggamike

    Philosophy on Training/Rest Days

    Good Morning Brothers! I know that everyone has their own training splits, styles and favorite exercises that we've all tried throughout years of training. I'd like to know what are your thoughts on Rest days. Do you guys like active rest days as in doing maybe 30mins-60mins of low to moderate...
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