Newbie seeking diet approval


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What's up guys. I've been interested in Sarms for a while. Finally bought some today. The shop near my house sold me a 3 in 1 sarm formula. 1 pill is 25mg S4 / 15mg Osta / 10mg GW- instructions state one pill in the morning, one at night. Also loaded up on BCAAs, Creatine, and Preworkout with 100mg DMAA plus caffeine and ephedra extract.

I did a 3D scan there as well. I am 26 years old, male, 6'1, 205lb (155 lean). 24% body fat.
My goal is to lean out to 10% which means losing roughly 35 lbs to hit 170.

I've been a cardio machine since I started working out years ago, but have decided to man up and put on some muscle. I'm in the gym now 5 days a week.

M- Chest, Tris, Shoulders
T- Back, Bis
W- Legs
T- Chest, Tris, Shoulders
F- Back, Bis

Weights are 45m-1hr followed by 35-45 mins of steady state cardio (heart rate: 135-145).

For diet, the plan is:

11am Meal 1 - 40g protein, 40g carbs, veggies
1pm Meal 2 - 40g Whey isolate w/ water
4pm Meal 3 - repeat meal 1
6pm - Preworkout
7pm Meal 4 - repeat meal 1
8pm Gym Time - BCAAs & Creatine (during)
10pm Meal 5 - 40g protein, 30g fats, veggies

Protein: mainly chicken breast, whey
Carbs: Jasmine rice, brown rice, quinoa
Fats: almonds, peanut butter, udos oil (omegas 3, 6, 9).

How does all of this sound? Again I am a complete newbie. Highly motivated for results, as I have been spinning in endless circles for years now. Any tips or modifications would be appreciated. Thanks guys.


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get rid of that shit IMMEDIATELY... that is not a real sarm whatsoever... you are not getting any sort of 3 in 1 and DEFINITELY NOT getting a real sarm at a "shop"... get rid of it!


You’re 6’1 205 and 50lbs of it is fat??? That can’t be right bro. You can’t be 150 at 6’1. Something isn’t right with that.