1. Cocopiny

    Igf-1 on a diet?

    Hey y’all Current physique and bodyfat percent for reference; I’d guess close to 15% Just started my diet to get shredded for Spain holliday in late December. Was wondering wether continuing to do Igf-1DES straight after training alongside a big meal of rice and chicken into the muscle...
  2. O

    Ostarine/Cardarine for cutting.

    Hello, I ordered a few bottles of Ostarine/Cardarine to do the following planning : 0-3 weeks : 10mg of Ostarine everyday 0-7 weeks : 10mg of Cardarine everyday 3-8 weeks : 20mg of Ostarine everyday --------------------------------------------------- This is my current body : Body fat : 26.4%...
  3. T

    Starting my Cardarine cycle today

    I am a 28yo female in recovery , getting sober has made me gain some extra weight I’m not very happy with. Trying to get comfortable in my own skin again. Ordered some cardarine from umbrella labs and was hoping to get some tips from you guys go get maximum results. Any recommended diet or...
  4. m555zma


    I'm a big meat eater and plan on dieing one. I'm just trying to make sense of the explosive popularity of the vegan/plant movement lifestyle. From my layman perspective, it seems to me that we're designed inside and out to consume meat (as well as plants) 1. It has been shown in studies that...
  5. Cocopiny

    Low Dose tren; any point in it?

    Current stack: 5 wks 12 wk stack First 4 weeks: 50mg tbol/d Test enth: 750mg/W Tren enth 250mg/W Okay so to cut things short, I can?t handle 250mg tren/ wk. Too much anxiety, can?t sleep, too tired, however results had been amazing, bench went from 100 for 10 to 120 for 5, clearly gained...
  6. J

    Eating after SARMs-cycle (Post cycle nutrition)

    Hey guys, thanks in Advance for any inputs :) Soon I'll reach the end of my first SARMs cycle and I have some questions on how to continue afterwards. As I hardly found any articles let alone studies, I'd be happy to hear your experiences. I'm doing a recomp cycle (LGD-4033, Ostarine...
  7. W

    Newbie seeking diet approval

    What's up guys. I've been interested in Sarms for a while. Finally bought some today. The shop near my house sold me a 3 in 1 sarm formula. 1 pill is 25mg S4 / 15mg Osta / 10mg GW- instructions state one pill in the morning, one at night. Also loaded up on BCAAs, Creatine, and Preworkout with...
  8. B

    Histamine intolerance? Rash? Need advice. Diet and bulking

    Hello fellow iron beasts. A couple of years ago I tried a few cycles and was enthusiastic about it and thought that I have done it correctly BUT then I noticed several issues which made me concerned, I got rash on my whole body, plus the other usual side effects that were toleratebale(which...
  9. M

    Question about Carbs and Protein

    Yo, Yo got some questions about diet. My training is quality, but I'm always a bit confused about the following questions. 24 years old, 6Ft, 182lb, training 2 years. Been running Osta, S4, GW for the last 4 weeks of my cut, good results so far, lost 2.5kg already and put on some muscle at...
  10. K

    Basic diet questions

    Need a few tips for dieting....(if it makes a difference, I am running GW and Ostarine) Protein: ROUGHLY How much protein can the body absorb at one time and make use of? Carbs: I get carb cravings in the morning and night, but not in the afternoon. Can I consume all my carbs during my first...
  11. K

    Muscle Memory - is it real?

    Hey guys, So after putting on quite a bit of fat, I went on a pretty intense cut, and lost a fair amount of muscle mass. If I were to go on a bulk, would I be able to regain this muscle fairly easily with the right diet and training? To put it another way - would building back the muscle I...
  12. K

    Best training Routine for SARMS

    Hey guys So I generally follow a Push Pull, Legs routine 2x per week. Got some questions about training on SARMS. 1. In your opinion, is training each body part 2x per week optimal for most people? 2. Should volume per workout be increased on sarms? currently doing about 6-8 sets per large...
  13. T

    How to come down from 30% Body Fat

    Hi, I'm 18, 158lbs, been on on the Ketogenic diet for a year, and come down from 34% body fat to 30%. I'm looking to speed things up a bit with an end goal of around 15% (I just really want to see my abs and be defined all around). I'm pretty strict with my diet but willing to manipulate it to...
  14. H

    Bcaa during workout on test tren cycle

    Hello i was wondering is there need of bcaa during workout and cardio to prevent muscle loss and increase fat loss i am in a caloric deficit diet at 15% body fat 88kgs 6.2ft its my 3nd cycle Test prop Tren ace Would bcaa increase my glycogen level or help me in fat loss Should i use bcaa or...
  15. S

    SARMs best suited for female?

    Hello to all who are reading!! I'm sure this has been asked by many many females, but after extensive research I feel as though its better to get advice for me personally. I started looking into sarms for my boyfriend who said the boys on deployment are using them to bulk up since all they can...
  16. K

    Steroids vs Smoking. Which is worse?

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  17. D

    Nutrition help!!!

    Posted all my stats in a previous thread but didn't get any answers. Will I be able to add size and drop some body fat in a slight caloric surplus running 300mg test cyp a week and 300mg of tren ace?
  18. M

    4th Cycle planning : Training, Diet and Supps: Please comment and advise

    Hi All, Apologies for the long post but I have in the past been asked to add more detail so here it goes: I would like to start a discussion to get some feedback and thoughts about a recomp cycle which I am planning. I specifically would like help with regards to diet in respect to deciding...
  19. M

    Recomp Diet and Training Comments

    Hi All, I would like to start a discussion to get some feedback and thoughts about the main part of a recomp cycle which is diet and training. I specifically would like help with regards to diet in respect to deciding macros and total calorific intake. How would be a good way to go about setting...
  20. S

    SARMs Stack for Maxiumum Fat Loss

    Hi, I'm on TRT and have no trouble putting on muscle but have problems leaning down to Dylan levels of body fat. What is the best SARM stack to add to my TRT and/or my test/tren/mast cycle for fat loss? I'm already aware that diet is key. Perhaps SARMs that use a different pathway would be of...
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