1. J

    Can I extend my Cardarine on PCT to keep my muscles on extreme deficit?

    Hello, I started a cycle ( Ostarine 20mg | Cardarine 20mg ) with a deficit of 1000 calories, i'm looking ( in total ) to burn 27lbs of fat. What I thought of doing is like continue Cardarine for 6 weeks after my last cycle, so my body keep using my fat as main energy and so I can keep the...
  2. O

    Ostarine/Cardarine for cutting.

    Hello, I ordered a few bottles of Ostarine/Cardarine to do the following planning : 0-3 weeks : 10mg of Ostarine everyday 0-7 weeks : 10mg of Cardarine everyday 3-8 weeks : 20mg of Ostarine everyday --------------------------------------------------- This is my current body : Body fat : 26.4%...
  3. Cocopiny

    Cutting cycle advice for classic physique bodybuilder

    Hey All Hopefully I’m not breaking rules by asking for stack advice? Currently this is me- 97kg naked 18.3’ arms off pump 16-18% bodyfat Most recent two cycles- Cut cycle- Masteron,400- 600mg/wk wk1-12 Test sustnanon 250- 500mg-750mg wk1-12 Winstrol- 20-40mg wk6-12 Anavar- 20-40mg wk1-12...
  4. C

    Opinion of sarms cycle

    Hey everyone, I am about to run a new sarms cycle. In the past I have run my cuts with RAD 140, GW501516 and LGD 4033 for 12 weeks with mini pct of Nolvadex and GW. I have gotten them from an Australian site claiming to source everything from the USA. I have had good results. This time I will...
  5. Cocopiny

    Liquid Superdrol

    So I’ve got my hands on liquid/ oil based Superdrol (methyl-Drostanolone) from a very trusted source that I have been using for 3 years without complaint. I’ve tested their stuff multiple times and it’s always came back as stated on the ‘tin’ or very slightly overdosed I can’t find anything...
  6. Cocopiny

    Hair loss

    Hey guys, So please don?t respond to this unless you know your shit in regards to the pharmacology/ and or have a lot of first hand experience. So I?ve been cycling gear for the past 4 years, and just very recently started noticing some hair loss. It?s likely due to my most recent 12 week run...
  7. Cocopiny

    Low Dose tren; any point in it?

    Current stack: 5 wks 12 wk stack First 4 weeks: 50mg tbol/d Test enth: 750mg/W Tren enth 250mg/W Okay so to cut things short, I can?t handle 250mg tren/ wk. Too much anxiety, can?t sleep, too tired, however results had been amazing, bench went from 100 for 10 to 120 for 5, clearly gained...
  8. R

    Beginner Need Advice

    Hello, I am new around here and have been doing some browsing. My main goals as of now are to cut fat while simultaneously building muscle mass. I had originally intended on just bulking to gain as muscle muscle as possible however it seems using AAS for a bulk is not advised unless you're at a...
  9. F

    It’s time to shred (critique my sarms plan)

    Hi, My story: I’m 46, 5’11, 214. 2 years ago I started my journey at 262 and 34% bf. I got down to 186 and 13% bf. I started my first bulk 6 months ago using LGD and Ostarine. I’m very pleased. My bench is up 50 pounds and I’ve kept my gains through pct. So I’m ready to shred and welcome your...
  10. m555zma

    Ideas on my next cut cycle please..

    I'm finishing up my bulk in 2 months. Then I will cut.. however I don't want to lose a lot of size so my plan is to keep my calories at the bulk level but do cardio everyday for 40 minutes and run tren+tst+eq... I know when you cut you're supposed to be in a calorie deficit, but I don't want...
  11. K

    Ostarine Help

    About to start a cycle of Ostarine (8 weeks, 30mg a day). This is my first cycle of any performance enhancing drug lol. Im currently in a cut (2000 calories a day, losing 2 lbs per week) and am wondering if I need to up my calories while I’m on cycle. From what I’ve heard, the ostarine will make...
  12. R

    Natural bulk and cutting with steroids

    Hey guys I have been training for 3-4 years and have pretty good muscle mass and I did it naturally and I was thinking to use steroids such as oral winstrol with clen for cutting. I was wondering will I be able to keep my natural gains after cutting cycle? Thanks in advance.
  13. K

    Muscle Memory - is it real?

    Hey guys, So after putting on quite a bit of fat, I went on a pretty intense cut, and lost a fair amount of muscle mass. If I were to go on a bulk, would I be able to regain this muscle fairly easily with the right diet and training? To put it another way - would building back the muscle I...
  14. K

    Best training Routine for SARMS

    Hey guys So I generally follow a Push Pull, Legs routine 2x per week. Got some questions about training on SARMS. 1. In your opinion, is training each body part 2x per week optimal for most people? 2. Should volume per workout be increased on sarms? currently doing about 6-8 sets per large...
  15. K

    SARMS - best used for cut, recomp or bulk?

    Hey guys, So obviously SARMS are very versatile, and can be used for cutting, bulking or recomping. Unfortunately I can't afford to use them too often, so I am deciding when is the most appropriate time spend my money on SARMS. Bit of background: I am 21 years old, 5 foot 11, probably...
  16. samsonbryant

    recommendations for SARMS??? PLEASE HELP

    I know stacking is optimal but i cant enjoy that luxury because i dont have lots of spare money so im whats the single best sarm i can use for 8 to 12 weeks, wont require pct (or only off the counter PCT) and that can put on about 5 pounds of pure lean mass, thats all i want a few pounds for my...
  17. samsonbryant

    cut quickly

    Anything i can use to help me get 10% bf im currently 13.5 % people say its easy as shit to get to and maintain, all i want is be able to see abs honestly, and last time i dieted it fucked over so bad, i lost almost a years worth muscle gain and Strength from attempting a cut, i had no idea what...
  18. J

    8 Week Cut Stack / 8 Week Triple Stack Protocol

    Hi Dylan, Thanks very much for all the information and videos you post. The constant influx of information is awesome! I am very interested in either the 8 Week Cut Stack (S4 and GW) or the 8 Week Triple Stack (S4, GW & MK2866). I have reviewed all the documentation and have watched all of...
  19. R

    New cycle

    Hey hope your doing good. Was wanting you to give me some feedback on this cycle. I have been looking for a cycle to bulk up and then go unto prep for my next physique show. Here is the one i found. 1-10 Test E 500mg/wk 1-10 Deca 250mg/wk 1-4 Dbol 30mg/day 11-20 Test P 100mg/EOD 11-18 Tren A...
  20. J

    Cycle Advice

    I'm currently cutting and would like advice on what cycle to use I have a budget of about $450 and live in the uk, any advice appreciated Stats: 244ilb BF 15% Bench: 150kg Squat: 240kg Deadlift: 280kg Previous Cycles: TTM Growth Winnie Clenbuterol
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