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So I’ve got my hands on liquid/ oil based Superdrol (methyl-Drostanolone) from a very trusted source that I have been using for 3 years without complaint. I’ve tested their stuff multiple times and it’s always came back as stated on the ‘tin’ or very slightly overdosed

I can’t find anything online about this. All the posts are about oral Superdrol. I’ve heard a lot about it’s side effects (the oral) and how it’s highly liver toxic, isn’t this potentially avoided with this injection form of administration? Has anyone got any experience with this stuff and what’s the word? I’ve been using it for the past 2 weeks and the dosing is hard to get down. I started at 12.5mg/ day (which is 0.5ml as it’s dosed at 25mg/ml) and I don’t know if I felt something. I raised it after one week to 25mg, and I can see significantly more 3d’ness in my chest especially, but this is also hard to distinguish as I’m running 750mg test and 30mg Winnie on top of it…

What do we say about my doses, I know it’s a bit high but I’m also fairly stout, Mabey it doesn’t show in the pics but I’m only 5ft 8 and weigh 91kg within punching distance of 10% bf
its still going to be toxic, just not as high as an oral but you will still encounter toxicity with it... thats a pretty high dose but with something like liquid, its tough to even produce... ive had liquid anadrol in the past from an extremely trusted source and it was nothing like the oral version... you know damn well when you are using superdrol, trust me... im not a fan of any liquid orals with steroids...
I have not used liquid superdrol before but have used liquid Anavar. I found it to not be nearly as effective and it was also from a very trusted source. I have only tried a liquid oral once and it was just not a good experience
Just be sure to monitor your health closely, superdrol is one toxic compound
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