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Hey All,

I ran a 12 week 500mg test e cycle as my first cycle and it went well. Virtually 0 side effects and good results.

I will be ready to start 2nd cycle soon and was wondering if I should be anything additional to the 2nd cycle to achieve greater results or to supplement the test e and make it more effective.

Would appreciate any opinions on this. Thank you
bro... you are not a newbie here... how on earth can anyone tell you what to possibly run if you dont even tell us your goals?
go to and look at everything we have available. there are many steroids out there. hit me up and i will happily help you setup a 2nd cycle
then i would look at adding either equipoise or tbol... OR you could go with something like this


that would be very very strong yet only has two steroids involved
I love Dylan's plan with the addition of s23 and yk11. That sounds like a tremendous stack! I may try it with deca instead of equipoise since deca is one of my favorite compounds!
s23 and YK would be necessary to get that lean mass. Only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs!
You couod add in an oral like tbol or dbol, or just add an injectable. If youre looking for mass deca is a great Bulker
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