1. J

    Gyno on cycle

    Hello, my concern is I have painful lumps under my nipples. I have done an lgd cycle with mk677 and gw. Which one day having no gyno and ending my cycle is the first ive noticed these. 4 months later the gyno had diminished completely in one and the other was very minimal. I just had started my...
  2. T

    Masteron cycle recommendations?

    Hey people! Long time since I posted on this forum, but I need some input on what would work really well in a Masteron cycle. Really to do as a summer cycle, to look hard and grainy as shit! I was planning on doing Masteron on 750mg per week, alongside Test-E or Sustanon. (haven't tried...
  3. L

    Second Deca Cycle

    1-4: Tbol 60 mg ED 1-15: Deca 350mg Week (5250) 1-16: Test 450 mg Week 2-16: caber .5mg EOD 13-16: HCG: 1000iu /week PCT: Clomid 100,100, 50, 50 Nolva 40/20/20/20 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD 1 week of Caber @.5mg EOD Stats: 5'11 210lbs, ~9% bf, I've been off for ~6 months, looking to put on quality...
  4. N

    Mk 677 pill storage

    Hey guys quiick question. I left mk mk677 pils in my car by mistake with temps at minus 22 degrees celcius. Still good to use?
  5. J

    ***Low Test E + Anavar Cycle. Need your opinion.

    I'm 38 years old, 6'2", 200lbs, 11% body fat. Fit & diet is dialed. I'm ready to take it up a notch but want to be smart. My research says this low Test, Anavar cycle + PCT is a smart start to bulking some, shredding, and maintaining my natural Test levels. But before I pull the trigger I wanted...
  6. K

    Opinions on Sarm Cycle LGD GW SR RAD

    Hey guys, New to the forum and I was wondering if anybody would be willing to give me some advice, this would be my first sarm cycle and I know Dylan has mentioned some of this information on previous posts but unsure if his answers have changed since then. I'm trying to cut down from 260...
  7. R

    Considering this cycle..

    Age: 21 Height: 5'9" Weight: 185 Body fat: %16-20 (bulking season lol) Years of training: 5 Previous cycle: 25mg/day of LGD4033 for 8 weeks with a 4 week pct that overlapped the last two weeks of the LGD4033. Ran this cycle back to back when I was 19 and ignorant. I now understand how this is a...
  8. Z

    Question to Dylan

    hi dylan i will like to know the best compound for a 2nd steroid cycle i am 28 years old 5.8 tall i have about 12% bodyfat i have been training for 7 years now i have experience with lgd 4033 , s4 and test. what will you suggest and also what will the pct be like. My goals is to get a clean...
  9. L

    Potential Third Cycle: Tren, Test

    Proposed Cycle: Weeks 1-12: Test Cyp @400mg/week Weeks 1-12: Tren Ace @80mg/EOD (280mg/week) Weeks 1-17: Aromasin 12.5mg EOD Weeks 1-13: Prami .25mg ED Weeks 14-17: Nolva (840mg) Weeks 14-17: Clomid (1050mg) Past Cycles: 1) Test cyp @500mg/week 12 weeks 2) Test cyp...
  10. J

    Planning for upcoming Sarms cycle

    Hello all, I've been lurking around here and evo for a bit, trying to absorb as much info you guys give out as I can. I'm hoping I can get some positive feedback and advice based on your experiences. I haven't purchased anything yet, since whats the point in asking for recommendations if you...
  11. T

    Looking to do first cycle

    I'm 47 5'6" 220lb. Use to be on really good shape till 35 started to gain weight then age 42 had a back injury that made me gain weight in fat I can not shake off. I been looking at sutenon 350 12 week cycle to help kick start things again. Give me the drive back gain muscle and shead the fat...
  12. M


    posted on the wrong thread. Anyone can help with erasing posts ? Anyways Hey everyone , just wanted to give this forum page a try been peeping it quite alot, gotten alot of info From many of you. So is my second day on a sarms cycle im taking LGD 4033 10mg & Rad 140 15mg. Is going to be a 12...
  13. J

    Sarms and PCT - Some question + cycle report RAD140 + MK2866

    Hello everyone. That's my first post, any help will be welcome. I am 35yo, 6 feet tall, and had 195 pounds 3 months ago (about 25% BF - SAD). Last few years I was sedentary, but I have "the know how to work out" cause in the twentys I trained a lot... so, I needed a push, and that push was RAD...
  14. alexey3vna

    sr9009 female cycle log

    Hi everyone I'm Alex and I'm preparing for a sr cycle beginning next week. I'd love to know any other females that had taken this and what to expect of it on the side effects area... I've followed some other female threads on that and I'm really excited to begin my cycle! I read a lot about...
  15. S

    Quit Sarms Cycle Early

    I have to stop taking sarms due to personal issues, I’m only on week two of taking Ostarine and LGD. Is it okay to stop taking them now without any problems? Thanks for the help.
  16. hdez2525

    Current sarm cycle... pct?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the board so I'll start with some stats: Age: 26 Height: 5'4 Weight: 154ish Body fat: I'd say around 8% or less Years of training: 8 (first 2-3 years I had no clue what I was doing). Currently, I train 6 times a week and do cardio every day. Complete cycle history...
  17. B

    Cycle help

    Hi I need help on what cycle I should be running. I don't know if I should run a cut or a recomp. I'm 5' 10" and I weight 187 lbs. I'm at 20% bf, I wanna get that around 10 to 15 but at the same time I want to put on size. I just finished a cycle of super mandro and starting my pct. I just need...
  18. K

    Ostarine Help

    About to start a cycle of Ostarine (8 weeks, 30mg a day). This is my first cycle of any performance enhancing drug lol. Im currently in a cut (2000 calories a day, losing 2 lbs per week) and am wondering if I need to up my calories while I’m on cycle. From what I’ve heard, the ostarine will make...
  19. RUCingdsgainz

    Kick starting a cycle with sarms???

    Iv heard of kick starting a cycle with orals like let's say T-Bol, can you use sarms to kick start at cycle even a small cycle of Test only? If so how would it work since sarms are taken for 12 weeks at a time and an oral usually just 4 Would you run the sarms 4-8 like say S4 and then on week...
  20. J

    Decision made.

    After all the knowledge ive been soaking in? ive decided its still not enough for me to start my cycle. ive been in research now for about a year. And im still learning more important stuff every day With Anabolics. Sadly I still believe its not enough. so at this point in my life, Ive decided...