Pain after first injection


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Ok... So I had my first injection on Saturday. I injected into the outer portion of my thigh about half way up like a lot of videos have shown. Test E 400 was injected and .4ml

Drew with a 22g and pinned with a 25g 1 inch. Injected slowly and gently massaged the area after.

My leg has been complete sore (like a bad Charlie horse) since I pinned. There is no redness or anything out of the norm when looking at my leg except for a needle mark.

Is this normal? It’s to the point when I almost walk with a limp and is very sore to the touch. I am not going to pin there anymore and I will pin in the glute but do I have anything to worry about? I cannot go see a doctor unless things get very serious due to many reasons that I can’t put on here. Can someone give me any advice?
That's actually normal. When your virgin muscle is introduced to a new compound or ester, it hurts quit a bit. It won't be as bad after a few injections in the muscle group (although it is rarely completely PIP free). Larger muscles like the glutes can also be a little less painful.
It would likely be red, hot to the touch, and possibly swollen.
Ok it’s not hot or red, but when I do feel the place I injected, it is swollen a little bit but not on the outside, it’s swollen on the inside. Is that normal?
A small knot inside where the hormones were injected is not uncommon, especially if you didn't warm your vial first. It should dissipate in a few days.
Test E 400 for a first pin? Yikes! Bro I don't even pin concentrations that high. No wonder that shit hurts. Who's idea was it to start with Test E 400?
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