Low Test/Low Est, First Cycle?


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I’m 19 years old, body fat around 16%, 173lbs, 5’10. Have been working out for a few years, tracking my nutrition, more than 6hrs of sleep every night, pretty much doing everything well. I recently got bloodwork done, testosterone = 178, estrogen = 7.1. These both came on the low end, and I somewhat felt like I just found out the reason of my symptoms (Low energy, depression, muscles mass/stubborn fat issues, erectile issues, pre existing gyno since I was 13). Obviously there are other factors to my fatigue, but I felt as if these are the main factors. I’ve been doing extensive research, and I’m just trying to pan out my options. I don’t believe TRT would be my best, but I plan on seeing endocrinologist soon. I know I am still young, but I have some questions if I were to start a cycle.

- I was considering SUS 250 as a good starter, but are there any other compounds that would be a better option, maybe a SARMs stack (I was thinking of small dosages of LGD 4033, Rad140, mk2866)
- My estrogen came back as low, but I have pre existing gyno. Does this mean I am estrogen prone and would need something as strong as Letrozole, or would any AI do a decent job? (Don’t want gyno to get any worse, but letrozole would give the small 15% chance of minimizing it?)
- Can I run a regular PCT, or would I need a certain stack?

Thank you for the help
If you’re 19yrs old and have a test score of 178 then you need to consult a doctor, you definitely shouldn’t even be contemplating steroid use. That’s insane.
you need to see a doctor, plain and simple... noone here is going to advise you steroid or sarms use as a teenager
Definitely see your doctor and try to get a referral to an endocrinologist.
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