1. S

    Help needed!! My First cycle

    Hi All, I am ~28 year old. 160BW at 18%BF and 5'9" height. I have been lifting for almost 5 years now. I have been doing strength training for 2 years and want to transition to Bodybuilding. I want to try out my first cycle and more information I receive more confusing it gets. My goal is to be...
  2. Mark Diesel

    Cycling Orals on PCT

    I was having a discussion with a buddy last week and i was curious to what the forum guys thought about this. I blast and cruise (I have low t), and my buddy who has a lot more experience then I do was saying it would be better to do what he does, which is run 400 test 200 deca year round and...
  3. D

    First time using tren

    Hello my names Derek First time posting on here I just joined up and wanted to thank you personally Dylan for all the content you put out and all the free knowledge you give -wipes the brown off nose- With all that being said I am about to start a cycle. This is my 5th cycle, my first two...
  4. Mark Diesel

    Flying out of state for 12 days. HELP ... plus second cycle advice for a friend

    Ok so I'm flying out of state for 12 days. I'm on 390test/600eq/150deca. Should I up the dose on my shot on the way out the door and skip an injection, or risk it and bring gear in checked luggage? I always bring my AI and SERMs, but the vials kind of scare me bringing. Any advice would be...
  5. F

    Light Cycle, Suggestions ?

    Hey Forum, Stats 182 cm 87 kg 12 % BF upcoming cycle 300 mg test e / weekly 200 mg primo- as an (addition for the test) / weekly 50 mg prov / Daily PCT: Tamoxifen 40/40/20/20 wk Clomid 1. day 100 then 50 e/d any suggestions or critique pls comment, NO hard feelings from here :) ! OBS...
  6. L

    My source is gone!!!

    Hello everyone - I've been doing online search and this seems to be, by far, the most comprehensive, legit, place for information there is. Thank you all for keeping it clean. I'm 36yo, I have been lifting for almost 11 years. When I was in my mid 20s I had a great physique due to lifting...
  7. N

    Sarms stack newbie

    Hey guys hope RickRock and Dylan see this thread and chime in but to all that read this. I have been doing research on SARMS and wanted to recomp and cut body fat as fast as possible.Was interested in running mk2866 only cycle for 12 weeks @50mg a day( 25mg in am/ 25mg in pm) along with a pct...
  8. M

    Test dbol deca 2nd cycle

    G'day everyone been lurking for a while big fan of Dylan Gemelli. Planning to run my second cycle test dbol deca I'm looking for some more info on how to run the cycle properly and safely. First cycle was test 500 mg week and dbol 30 mg for 4 weeks, didn't take any AI and got big like a balloon...
  9. B

    Cycle: Test + DBol + EQ

    Hi guys, Looking for more advice on a cycle: 1- Test E 350mg/week 2- Dbol 30mg/week 3- EQ 500mg/week 4 -GW501516 20mg/day 5 - (maybe S4 as well, not sure yet)...? This is would be my 3rd steroid cycle; As i was on TRT 3 years ago (2014) due to serious health problems with Nebido (Test...
  10. J

    Test + Equipoise 18 Weeks, Need PCT & Next Cycle Advice Please

    Hey, First I just want to say thanks for this Forum and for all of the iSARMS videos. You guys are life savers. I know there is a ton of information out there and I have loads of the threads related to PCT, but I just wanted to reach out and get that human advice based on my own personal...
  11. C

    How long does a bottle of s4 last

    I plan on buying s4 and lgd or ostarine from sarmsx and I plan on doing a 12 week cycle. Would one bottle of each be enough for the 12 weeks or would I have to get more than one?
  12. J

    Need help on a bulking cycle!

    Hey guys, Im 21, 5ft6, and 145 lbs, been on 1 lgd cycle that lasted 8 weeks, did proper pct after, and have been off for about 5 months now. Im looking to really add on some serious size, what's the best stack and dosage for me? I am around 11-12% bodyfat right now, and Im looking to add lean...
  13. B

    Source Tip - Guard Against Bunk

    Here is a quick and easy way to mitigate bunk: use multiple sources on each cycle. Let's say you will do a 400 mg test cycle, and it will not be your last. Well, testosterone is a stable chemical and has a long shelf life. So order your test for your next three cycles now. Instead of using all...
  14. S

    BULK: LGD, RAD + which other SARM?

    whats up guys? Time for my Second cycle. Last one was a cutting stack of GW, S4, Osta with sweet results. This one is gonna be a 12 week bulk from SARMSX. So far I have some juicy LGD (10mg) and RAD (10mg). I can afford to buy 3 months worth of another SARM for some synergy and to help...
  15. Cortiz222

    Experienced yet inexperienced

    Age: 25 Height: 6'00 Weight: 285 Body fat %: ~22 Years of training: 11 Complete cycle history: I did my first cycle at 16 (stupid I know) it was Test E for 5 weeks (again sorry), didn't touch it again until I was 19 I did sust 250 10 weeks. I started taking nolvadex 1 week before the cycle was...
  16. J

    Protein intake on testosterone

    Hey guys, So I had decent results (i think) on my last cycle of 12 weeks test 500mg p/week. The scale went up about 12-15 pounds, not sure how much was muscle and how much was fat though. I trained hard but only ate generally around 1 gram protein per pound of bodyweight as I have bad...
  17. K

    Need help with a source check

    Hey guys, So I planned on purchasing a triple stack from SARMSx consisting of GW, S4 and Osta. However, I can only afford to buy a 3 month supply for TWO products from SARMSX. I have already purchased the GW, and now need to decide whether to buy the S4 or Osta from SARMSx. I will then buy the...
  18. J

    Bulking on SARMS without fat gain

    Hey guys, Was thinking about a bulking cycle with LGD and Osta. What sort of calorie surplus should I be looking at to maximise muscle gain on cycle whilst avoiding any fat gain? Also, with diet and nutrition on point, how much mass could someone expect to gain with LGD and Osta, on a...
  19. A

    My first cycle

    Sir i am training for 1.5 yrs and now i want to start cycle for advance gains. Pls tell oral cycle which is perfect for first time.
  20. A

    Lgd 4033 review

    Currently waiting for everything to come in but I plan on doing a 12 week cycle of lgd 4033 at 10mg a day and liquid clomid 50/50/25/25 for pct. My question is is there anything else i need to take during cycle or post cycle? Estrogen blocker? Mybe gw? Also, is it ok to drink during a cycle? I...