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Thread: Tbol and high blood pressure

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    Tbol and high blood pressure

    started my cycle today with test eq and tbol and after taking 3rd 10mg dose i felt my blood pressure was high , measured is and it was 160/100....what to do to lower the it?

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    bro, you cannot take oral steroids without protection... what do you honestly expect? its a methylated oral steroid... of course one of the things its going to hurt is your bp... you need hawtorne berries and coq10 for starters to help get it down but you may want to lower the dose or layoff a bit

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    Orals steroids are known to raise blood pressure. You ALWAYS NEED CYCLE SUPPORT on the,

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    i am taking all of it and still bp is high

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    i am taking cycle support 2 servings and organ shield also 2 servings , plus additional hawthorn berry at night before sleep....its my first day so maybe it will get better

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    your bp would not spike in ONE day on an oral steroid so there is definitely something else going on

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    What kind of condition are you in as far as height weight and bodyfat? Those with higher bodyfat are more susceptible to BP issues, especially if your diet isn't competely on point and your lipid values start getting out of whack

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    i am 5'8" 245lbs with around 11-12% diet is on point ...eating lots of vegetables, fruits also garlic , ginger and turmeric , cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar..... 300grams of protein and around 300-400 cars with 150grams of healthy fats.....nothing processed or fried .....i had bloating problem for a long time and checking my allergies for diary and seeds this week cause all the time after i eat it i feel wired....

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    if i am taking 60mg a day ....2x 30mg is fine 8-10hrs apart or better 3x 20mg 5-6 hr apart?

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    was your blood pressure high before taking steroids ?

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