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Down below I have posted one awesome photo of my TD, I went international with the order. It felt like a domestic order because let me tell all of you I received my entire order in just 11 days time, lighting fast shipping!

The entire process was a breeze and as always UGF Provided excellent customer service throughout the entirety of the process, my order was shipped out the same day it was put in A+ in every possible way from UGFreak. I am 100% satisfied with the entire process.

my order was 100% correct and packaged discreet.

Order as follows

Test E 400 5 bottles
Primo 200 5 bottles
EQ 300 5 bottles
Tbol 1 sachet
Aromasin 2 sachets

The para pharma gear just looks so clean and so good, I hope all of you enjoy the photo.

Wixx 💪

ToppsBaseball now known as Noah Wixx has done successful logs using Para Pharma gear
make sure you check out his prior logs.

the nice thing about our products is you don't have to run a ton of gear to get great results as he has demonstrated is the place for top tier gear! and make sure you grab as much as you can before the new year to take advantage of the deals and discounts
Ugfreak isn't on thos forum but is supported?
They are approved and G2G did u not read any of the people posting on my thread. If they weren't approved my post wouldn't be here right now, I can assure u of that.
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