OSGEAR Touchdown!!


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Hey fellas, so I won a contest a few weeks ago for some OSGear. Just wanted to give a quick rundown of my experience with them so far. Once I placed my order I continued to get updates on the chat feature on their website which was actually pretty convenient. The total ship time was right at about 4 weeks, in most cases that?s actually decent for international but keep in mind this was during the Covid shut downs. They actually shipped my package out within 6 hrs of me making my purchase. As you can see from my order I really only got some orals and Test. My plan before all this was to get some bloods done on the Test, as of right now we?ll see because the labs aren?t open where I?m at due to Covid right now hopefully that changes. All in all the entire process was super easy and very discreet packaging. I?ll do another update in a bit once I?ve been on the orals for a week or two.


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Hey fellas just an update to the cycle, I?m about 3 1/2 weeks in on the Orals and Test Haven?t been on here much the last couple of weeks have been catching up on lost work due to Covid. I am def feeling the Adrol, I was on prescription test Cyp prior to starting this run, last shot of the prescription Test Cyp was about 5 weeks ago. I?ve felt no drop in Testosterone since beginning. My original plan was to get bloodwork done halfway through this but it?s not looking good for that as no one around me is taking walk ins for Bloodwork unfortunately. I?ll continue to update periodically. Overall I?m very happy with OSGEAR and will be placing another order for sure.