Hi everyone I'm Alex and I'm preparing for a sr cycle beginning next week. I'd love to know any other females that had taken this and what to expect of it on the side effects area... I've followed some other female threads on that and I'm really excited to begin my cycle! I read a lot about stacking sarms and other gear but as I'm new to all that I chose to start small and see how my body reacts... If everything goes well I'm cycling oxandrolone next.

I'm not really looking for weight loss as I'm already slim and I know it could happen so I'd like to know what u guys take for not loosing weight while on sarms if you're not going for that. My goal is bulking up a little bit.


I'm using creatine+protein as supplements and I eat a lot (clean, no alcohol, almost no deserts or processed food... only thing is fried stuff. I love it and its hard to avoid but I'm trying.) and I drink loads of water. I hit the gym 5/7 sometimes 6/7. I'm on gym for almost 1 year now and used to be a pro dancer for 7 years before that.

I think that's all but feel free to ask anything that I forgot to mention!