1. M

    Female cycle: Rad/Anavar/Test

    Hello, sorry for the long post, im trying to be as accurate as possible. I am looking for some advice on this cycle. Before I start, I am female, & i know most on here will say this is not recommended for females, however i’m aware of the sides, am being monitored by a hormone doc, & know when...
  2. G

    Female SR/GW

    Dear Isarm users, My wife, ( Age 31, Height: 166 cm, Weight: 62.7KG ) wants to try GW/SR, her nutrition and her training are on point and she already lost 8 kilo in 3months. I was wondering what kind of results can she expect from this? Will the fat loss even accelerate more? When will she...
  3. T

    Female SARMS log

    In my quest to learn more about SARMs/peptides and female experiences, I came up pretty short handed. I found a couple on here and decided I would add to the lot so as to provide some information for any other women looking to explore these avenues. I'm going to be working with the recommended...
  4. B

    Female (First) SARM Cycle Biweekly Update Thread

    Hi all, I wanted to track my progress during my first SARMS cycle. Thought you’d be interested! F, 25 y/o, 5”7, approx 148lbs (won’t be tracking weight though, don’t really care lol), been working out for 6 years. November 15: Waist belly 32.5 Waist narrow 29.5 R thigh 23.5 Glutes 41 R arm...
  5. P

    Female preparing to begin first SARM cycle

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be running Ostarine, and Cardarine for 12 weeks, with sr9009 for weeks 7-12 (Maybe Epistane, would love some feedback on that). I have cut calories and I'm on (diet) plan as of yesterday. Height 175cm/ 5ft 9 Age:22 Years training:5 (about 2 years out for injury)...
  6. RUCingdsgainz

    Post CT for females?

    So I have know a few females to use D-aspartic acid to raise ther natural Test levels and get good results as far as toning up and losing fat. What about Post CT think it would work or is even recommended? Just curious to people think?
  7. alexey3vna

    sr9009 female cycle log

    Hi everyone I'm Alex and I'm preparing for a sr cycle beginning next week. I'd love to know any other females that had taken this and what to expect of it on the side effects area... I've followed some other female threads on that and I'm really excited to begin my cycle! I read a lot about...
  8. R

    Female strength athletes advice

    Hi guys! I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into sams and looking for some advice on what I should run. Im a 33 y/ female Height 5’6 Weight 175pounds I’m carrying more fat right now than I normally do probably sitting just under 25%bf I just got into strength sports 2 years ago. Last...
  9. B

    FIRST Female Sarm cycle

    Hello! So some quick stats I’m 24 140.2lbs 5’3 28%BF That being said I’m looking to beat my personal records my max squat is 235, bench is 95, deadlift is 255 so Gain Strength and cut that BF to about 20% my main GOALS are to grow my glutes and build my shoulders while maintaining a small...
  10. S

    SARMS Stack help Female

    I am a female, 29 yr old. Looking to lose some fat and add muscle. I'm on the fluffy side, around 5'3 145 lbs, I don't know body fat maybe around 30%. Just wondering where I should put my focus (build muscle first lose fat second) and what is the safest option in regards to a sarms stack. I...
  11. F

    LGD & GW messing with menstrual cycle?

    Hey guys, so I've been on the following for 23 days.... - Anabolicum (LGD-4033) 1mL/day - Cardarine (GW-501516) 0.5mL/day I've been mixing it with a shot of tart cherry juice. Also on a scoop of creatine most days. And I've been taking birth control responsibly for almost 8 years. I've seen...
  12. S

    SARMs best suited for female?

    Hello to all who are reading!! I'm sure this has been asked by many many females, but after extensive research I feel as though its better to get advice for me personally. I started looking into sarms for my boyfriend who said the boys on deployment are using them to bulk up since all they can...
  13. G

    New Female Asking for some info on Cardarine and Ostarine First

    Hi there, new here. I will answer the basics to give an idea as to what I'm asking for help and info apologies, some detail here but thought it might help. Female Age:39 Height: 5’4” Weight: between 149-153lbs BF: Not sure at the moment. Based on visual estimates and one previous time...
  14. R

    MK-2866 Dosing for a female

    I am looking for assistance in taking MK-2866. I found info saying to take anywhere between 5mg-12.5mg/day and am really unsure of where to start. Also, the dropper is in ml and I have found multiple conversions for that also. The front of the bottle says 50mg/ml so don't know if it's saying...
  15. S

    UPDATE: 3 Weeks on my first SARMS (female 37y.o)

    SOOOOOO, I have lost 1% fat without a diet down (1300 cal/day). Im fairly disciplined when it comes to clean diet all year round (1900 cal/day). I have been trying to gain up to 150, 10% lean just like on anavar. The first 2 wks I took triple stack, added SR9009 3rd week. Line definitions are...
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