Here we go,

The fifth week has been the most changing for me and it felt like the change happened overnight.
Before: 11.5, ---I am now in 10.1BF lean. Keeping all factors the same (no diet down, same workout routines).
Before: 148 lbs, ---I am now at 145 lbs though.
Before: 85% regular weight loads on 3rd set, ---now 102% on third set. I finally back playing around with the 100's dbells. The increase of strength is most notable on this week. I am very pleased, since I am lighter now. I realize that this factor alone will improve my sport conditioning program, which in the long rung will support my training program.
Before: vascularity on upper body, now upper and lower body.

I'm not a fan for cardio but the cardarine must have influenced me to do more, I was at ease the time I did cardio (4x HITT in the last 2 weeks).
I have a little skin break out on my shoulders but nothing major. I did a before and after picture, I love the way I look, tighter and beefier.
Comparing my current journal with anavar's journal, I did more cardio then. It must have been the SR.

Thanks guys for the learning and support!