1. A

    Need HELP, Wants to know a good stack.

    Hey guys, Im need help trying to see what stack of SARMSX I should look into getting to get into a physic close to like Chris Hemsworth or like the Harrison Brothers? Im in decent shape right now. Im 6FT and weigh about 220. I do have a big frame (I look more like im bulky than fit I think but...
  2. R

    Sarmsx vacation

    Just went to sarmsx and it says on vacation until November 15th followed by they will start filling orders on 9/15/17. So are they currently filling orders do you know Dylan?
  3. S

    Payment issues.

    I've read the other threads where Dylan says sarmsx is having issues with their shopping facility after hurricane Irma and I sympathize with that. But now instead of having the wire transfer only issue for payment I'm seeing no payment options at all. Is anyone else having this issue?
  4. T

    Does sarmsx accept prepaid credit cards?

    Hey. Does sarmsx accept pre-paid credit cards ?
  5. W

    Curious - Why doesn't SARMSX offer powdered SARMS?

    Yo, Powdered SARMS would obviously be easier to produce as there is no need for a solvent and all that jazz. So I am curious, why does SARMSX not offer the option for powdered SARMS, which could then be sold at a slightly more affordable price? Surely all that one would need to consume...
  6. F taking a while to ship?

    While reviewing they said that if the order is placed on the weekend it will be shipped by no later than tueaday...well it's almost Thursday and just last night the order switched from "Pending" to "Processing". Still has not shipped. Do they usually take that long?
  7. C

    Delivery issues

    Hey guys, I placed an order with sarmsx on the 3rd of november, and it still hasnt arrived. The latest update i recieved from track and trace was the 14th of november and it said the package has arrived to my country (denmark) and is on its way - however since this is so long ago, i started to...
  8. samsonbryant

    whats the youngest age i should ever consider using sarms??

    Im know im way to young to even consider steroids but are sarms viable or should i just shut the fuck up and wait till im older? my stats are 169lbs 12% bf and im 17 years old (18 in 5 days), ive been training consistently for 4 years but only been in the gym doing weights seriously for 2.
  9. samsonbryant

    sarmsx power stack

    so im probably going to run the sarmsx "8 week power stack" that contains ldg 4033, rad 140 and s4, my only question is rad isn't rad meant to be dosed at 20mg a day? this cycles only supplies enough for 4 weeks at that amount or should i stick to 10mg a day for this stack rather than purchase...
  10. J

    Got an email from sarmsx saying something about my order and Hong Kong dollars?

    Can anyone help me out with this? What does it mean?
  11. S

    Sarmsx vs Sarms1

    Hello Dylan, why are you now with sarmsx and not any longer with sarms1??? Both sides say the products of the other company are bad and underdosed. Whats going on with that whole story dylan???
  12. D

    SarmsX LGD

    Hey Guys, So I was Just wondering about the LGD being sold by SarmsX. All I hear is good things about this site and its products and I know theres many other complanies selling LGD in liquid form like Sarms1, Southern Sarms, etc. I just want to make sure I'm purchasing the right product from the...
  13. S

    Sarala's 8th week review

    Hi there, Because I was forced to take week7 off from the gym, I have been incorporating slow cardio in week 8. I have also decreased my caloric intake around 200 to 300 cal a day. I'm now sitting at 146 a little bit lighter (2 lbs in a week for my 5'3 frame) and have not checked my bf, (you'll...
  14. S

    Sarala's 5 weeks update on first time SARMS usage

    Here we go, The fifth week has been the most changing for me and it felt like the change happened overnight. Before: 11.5, ---I am now in 10.1BF lean. Keeping all factors the same (no diet down, same workout routines). Before: 148 lbs, ---I am now at 145 lbs though. Before: 85% regular...
  15. S

    Sarala's 4-week-old arms update

    I noticed a huge change in the last 3 days, I'm getting a pretty long term pump; my upper body is just stiff. Especially after upper body exercises. Noticeably hardening of muscles. SR has been a great help. Thinning out the skin around lower abs. My gluteus medium and external obliques are...
  16. C

    SARMSX ORDER Credit Card Authorization form?

    Anyone deal with this? Where they want your photo ID (Drivers license/passport) etc?? and a signed form??? Not comfortable with this idea.
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