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    high estrogen

    Hello Dylan,

    First, I would like to thank you for the informative and educational videos you put out there!

    My question is not about Sarms but My problem is when I ran testosterone E, Anadrol, and HCG. I was only using 250 MG of test split in 2 doses per week. Anadrol was at 25 mg for 5 days on and 2 days off. I began to have nipple sensitivity so I ordered Arimidex and used .5 mg every other day. I purchased the AI from Roids24 and it was the brand Vermodje. It wasnít helping. Iíve used test before when in my 30ís and now Iím 42. I stopped the Anadrol and lowered my test to 125 mg per week in one dose. For 3 more weeks I still had the sensitivity and felt a small bump under my nipple forming. Mind you, i began to feel the sensitivity during the end of the first week of use. I went to a male medical group and had labs done. My testosterone levels were at 674 but Iím still waiting on estrogen levels. The doc told me to get off everything and prescribed Temoxofen 10 mg once a day. Iíve been off test for over 2 weeks and still feel slight sensitivity on my right nipple.

    Question: what is the best AI for people who are sensitive to test? I do want to stay at 250 mg per week because I perform better and feel better overall. Also, can I run a testosterone derivative like Anadrol by itself?

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    aromasin is the best ai for people sensitive to estrogen.. tamoxifen will only keep things at bay but once you stop taking it then it will just come back... tamoxifen is an estrgoen blocker, not an aromatase inhibitor, which is what you need...

    you can run whatever you want, but im certainly going to advise you to run such a thing...

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    Yoi definitely need an AI, and generally aromasin is the best choice.

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