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Thread: Fun Cycle from Pharmacon

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    Post Fun Cycle from Pharmacon

    I'm in the early stages of a very fun cycle from Pharmacon. Tazz gets mucho props here.

    I am 212 lbs, 6'!', moderately strong on my lifts and carrying an unfortunate amount of BF. Lucky, I can modify my body composition lickety-split in almost any situation.

    The total compounds used are listed below. I list anabolics, orals, SARMS, the fat burners, AI's and PCT products. The list is long but I promise they all serve their place.

    Test Cyp (600mg split into two days)
    Deca (500 mg split into 2 days)

    Anadrol (TBD)
    Winstrol (TBD)
    Anavar (50mg run thoughtout the end of the entire cycle)
    Pharmacom's Mix 2 (Test PP, Tren Ace, NPP)

    MK 677
    MK 2866
    GW 501516



    For PCT, I'm looking at Enhance Athelete HCG prior to a basic PCT run; Clomid/Nolva and the standard.

    To clarify here, this is a kinda mutant cycle which transitions from a DEC/TEST/ORAL phase to a quick "test only bridge" into a SHORT ESTER "CUT 'EM UP" phase & then ends with a a session of HCG and a traditional PCT which includes low-level SARMS to help maintain gains. I will continue this thread with photos of the gear arriving and detailed training/physique updates.

    Thanks, yall! And thanks Tazz!
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    You say you are carrying an unfortunate amount of BF but
    "I can modify my body composition lickety-split in almost any situation."
    Then why don't you... before you cycle????
    Makes no sense....I think you delude yourself

    Btw...PharmaCom Mix 2 contains Test/Tren/Mast...not NPP

    Truthfully this cycle looks like a don't even list the weeks
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    Thats a lot of orals.....and ur running a cycle...what u call a bridge....then another cycle?!!! How long is this entire thing? How many cycles have u done? How did you devise this?

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    How about starting with your complete stats

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    This looks like a complete mess.....I'm in for stats. What mastermind fathomed this cycle....!!!!

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    Good god what a mess.
    A. Steroids are not fat brurners
    B. This must be only a 6 week cycle since you are running anavar the ENTIRE cycle. You do realize orals shouldn't be ran more than 6 weeks right?
    C. Why the hell are you using so many orals, you do realize the toxicity?
    D. If you are "cutting" up why are you using deca? From my understanding most use this for size
    E.why would you use a mix if you don't know what's in it?

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    This seems less like a fun cycle and more like a throw stuff at the wall and see if it sticks

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    @Orbit hey bro PM me and I'll help you get this straighten out

    PHARMACOM Board Rep

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    Hit BigBiz up for sure. That's a lot of gear that seems randomly assembled.

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    Cycle needs work brother, you have the quality products you need, you just need to use them right , you can't be running a mess cycle like that, aswell pharmamix 2 doesn't have NPP, and that oral count is insane.

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