cycle log

  1. Mark Diesel

    Powerlifter Cyle Log test/deca/equipoise/halotestin/gw501516

    Current Stats: 6’2, 228lbs, 10-12%BF, 26yo Squat: 550 Bench: 440 Deadlift: 650 585mg of testosterone enanthate, 350mg of Deca, and 585mg of equipoise every week. 20mg gw501516 every day 10-30mg halotestin every day last 4 weeks. 12.5mg aromasin every day .5mg cabergoline every 3 days 250mg of...
  2. O

    Fun Cycle from Pharmacon

    I'm in the early stages of a very fun cycle from Pharmacon. Tazz gets mucho props here. I am 212 lbs, 6'!', moderately strong on my lifts and carrying an unfortunate amount of BF. Lucky, I can modify my body composition lickety-split in almost any situation. The total compounds used are listed...
  3. B

    Real geneza pharmaceutical cycle log

    Ok folks, I ordered my first cycle from naps before I found I sarms. At the time I thought that was by best option. At any rate I've got the gear so I might as well run it and give everyone a thorough cycle log and I for one will be hoping to see some gains. My stats on the start date were 6'4"...
  4. RK77

    First LGD-4033 & MK-677 12 weeks cycle log...genuine inside info

    First LGD-4033 & MK-677 12 weeks cycle log...inside view on SARM effectiveness Hey guys, in order to help all the members who are possibly considering running SARM cycle here's some personal experience & facts without exaggeration. For starters some numbers: Age: 39 Weight: 240 Height: 5' 11"...